Top Ten Canadian Nicknames for Americans

Don’t Blame me over half of these are from Letterman 🙂

10. Citizens of the NRA

9. Gretskynappers

8. Drop outs from the school of foreign policy (sorry that’s just for old G W Bush advisors)

7. Continent hogs

6. Surfboard-Riding Barbarians

5. Processed cheese junkies (they call it American Cheese AKA melted Cheddar trimmings)

4. Upper Mexicans

3. Pizza-gorged Convertible jockeys

2. Star-Spangled Sissy Boys

1. Puckstops

For my American readers (all 2 of you) feel free to contribute your own top ten nicknames for us hyped up igloo building hockey junkies who know what real beer tastes like.

hee hee hee hee ……


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Canadian Nicknames for Americans

  1. David – There are things that I can’t or shouldn’t dwell on in this Blog as It would be a conflict of interest. My job requires I do not comment on Health Issues. If you have not already read somewhere I am an Analyst at Health Canada. I can have my personal opinions and I have many but I can’t express them if they relate to my work. That said I often step close to the line on this. It’s a balancing act.

  2. Something different but I think it is your realm.
    I did read about you as an Analyst at health Canada.
    I did not require comment, regarding the link. Nor acknowledgment of the link.
    However I did have an expectation with regards to the health care situation in Canada, that you might like ideas beyond the scope of the muddled mess we currently call universal health care.

  3. That’s cool Anna because we know ALL ABOUT YOU . You and Jack should be very afraid, the help might one day mutiny, but not so long as the conservatives are in power up here. Hey what a switch We have a Prime Minister that wants to be George Bush and you have a President that wants Canadian style healthcare.

    Oh well I will cease trying to be funny because If you are “the” Anna Lefler, you’re much better at it than I. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. 7: Tree fuckers
    6: Syrup suckers
    5:healthcare wanters
    4: Socialists (the govornment really controls everything in your contry)
    3: Englands Urethra
    2:Lower Alaska
    1: US dependents
    (Real Beer Try a New Belgium!!)

    • Good try William but here are a few corrections
      4. Socialists? Darn I missed that too bad I like socialists.
      1. US dependents – Well we are your largest trading partner but Our dollar is worth more than yours so who is dependent on Whom?
      Oh and while Fat Tire is a good beer it like all other American beers lacks one thing alcohol 5% alc/mass (US) = 4% alc/vol (Canada), and alcohol is lighter then water. basically your regular beer has the alcohol equivlent of our light beer, and your light beer i wouldn’t even want to taste,It’s a good thing our government let’s us brew beer with alcohol in it – not as big control freaks as you thought eh?

      Don’t get me wrong I am not dissing Americans I like some of you folks heck my niece is American.

      • From New Belgium’s website, Fat Tire is 5.4% alcohol by volume.
        Many beers I drink are in the 8-10% ABV range, as are some of the beers we brew at the house. Very few [and overbearing] states require alcoholic beverages to be labeled by mass (although we say ‘weight’ because politicians here aren’t very good at physics). In general these states also limit where you can buy beer over 3.2% ABW.

        By the way, 5% alc/mass would be OVER 5% alc/volume. Get your math right.

        • The Mass of an object is the amount of matter present in that object, where as volume of an object is the amount of space that object is occupying. alcohol is lighter then water. So as I said basically your regular beer has the alcohol equivalent of our light beer and 5% alc/mass (US) = 4% alc/vol (Canada), for conversions the factor is exactly 1.25, you would divide the number you see on an american bottle by 1.25 to get what it would say if it was being sold in canada. making light american beer a canadian equivlent of 3.2% alc/vol,

          • That said as you noted Fat Tire is 5.4% alcohol by volume (yes I checked) and thus is in line with stronger Canadian beers.and it would seem my knowledge of American beer is lacking I did a survey and it seems that your beer has caught up with ours for the most part mostly because many states have shifted to using alcohol by volume. So My math is right but my knowledge of present day Ameican beers is lacking maybe I need to drink some more. 🙂

          • Multiply the 5% mass by 1.25, don’t divide. If you had a kilogram of beer and 4% by volume was alcohol, you’d have 3.2% by mass. If I had one kilo of beer at 5% by mass, I’d obviously have 5% by mass.

            Think of it this way:
            If someone had a cubic of iron (water) and a cubic foot of feathers (alcohol), he’d have almost 0% by weight of feathers. Imagine now his feathers and iron were 50% by weight in that same 2 cubic foot volume. How much volume do you suppose the iron would occupy? Probably less than 8 cubic inches. The feathers (alcohol) would occupy 99% by volume, but only 50% by weight. One must multiply the weight fraction of the less-dense product by a number greater than 1 to find find its volume fraction.

  5. Very funny stuff. For the record, I am a US citizen who loves Canada. You have a great country. And thanks for Geddy, Alex, and Neil.

  6. And thanks for our too-brief time with Lenny Breau, and for our decades with Paul Schaffer.

    I’d offer “Toothless” but all the True Northerners I know still have fully populated jawbones – or really good dentists. Then again, there was that hockey-playing drummer in our country band back in the early eighties…

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