Just for Fun, Us and Them, who are They?

I’m an “us” (for reference only, in reality I am a traitorous us at times)

1. Capitalists (them)
2. Socialists (us)
3. Christian Fundamentalists (them)
4. Liberal Christians (us)
5. Islamic fundamentalists (them)
6. Liberal Muslims (us)
7. Jewish Fundamentalists (them)
8. Achiest Jews (both but mostly them)
9. Radical right (them)
10. Radical left (us)
11. Liberals (us)
12. Conservatives (them)
13. New Democrats (us)
14. Greens(us)
15. Red Tories(them)
16. Creationists (them but I am half way to being a them))
17. Evolutionists (us)
18. Atheists (mostly us (but I am a Them here))
19. Ecumenicalists (us)
20. Dispensationalist (them)
21. Anti-dispensationalists (us)
22. Bloq (them)
23. Rednecks (them)
24. Those that believe in Global warming was caused by humans (us)
25. Those that don’t believe Global warming was caused by humans (them)


I really hate that we have this bipolar approach to everything it is always us versus them, but it is inevitable that we do this as we are humans. That said I suspect we have no idea how to separate us from them. I have heard staunch Christians spout very anti Christian ideas, like don’t give to the poor it only creates more poor people (how they get that I really don’t comprehend).

So if we have to place groups of people into these stupid boxes lets see if we can get them straight. Above is a list of groupings not entirely inclusive sorry, and beside each is the word either “us” or “them”. In reality most of these are neither, or are a combination of both. I am not going to define how I decided those that are us and those that are them, because that might sway your choice. First decide if you are an Us or Them and then put this at the top of your comment. Then cut and past the list once done rank them as us or them. Use your own judgement. I am just curious to see in this bipolar world if we agree on who are us and who are them. I will give this a week and see how many people respond, if any, and then I will total up the scores for Us’s and thems. I could have sent this via email but I HATE SPAM so don’t distribute this as an email please.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in true “us’s and thems” but many people do I just want to see what people define as the camps, because I know there is not concensus and this may prove my point that there are no true us’s and thems. Even in those that read this blog (I could be wrong).


9 thoughts on “Just for Fun, Us and Them, who are They?

  1. Lacking any direct means of contact with you I have opted to leave this comment on your blog.

    I would like to reiterate my apology, I too posted in haste, and feel horrible for being quite cruel. I’ve never even read you blog, though some of it does seem interesting and ‘worth my time’, lol.

    Perhaps we can verbally spar again sometime, but without all the hate and insults?

  2. No worries – you will have to work on cruel though I was still smiling when I finished reading your retort. and your comment “I’ve never even read you blog,” and you managed to label me as “them” without having read the blog, you at least read one article. (not that it was one of my best though)

    As to your argument I can see the US suing the tsunami as a stepping stone to Asia. I am still not convinced that Haiti will be much use. If they had wanted some foothold from which to threaten Venezuela, they could have held on to Grenada, but they didn’t. If you really want evidence of American Imperialism read up on Grenada. Regan (the senile old fart) did instigate an American imperialist invasion. Notice the pattern Republican = Imperialism Democrat = domestic policy. The exception being Kennedy who’s foreign policy sucked.

  3. BTW Jahscii I noticed that there have been a number of hits coming in from the 9/11 Truth site to this Blog which coincides with your visit. Now I could be wrong but are you being totally honest when you say “even if I don’t know you from dirt.”

    If not you might at least know some one I know (and not just a person I know online).

  4. I am one who believes in “I” and not “we”, so there is no us and them. I have a productive mind and a value onto myself and the ability to share my ideas with others for trade of something of value for the value I give.
    The “we’s” assume an unlawful right to the value of my productive mind with no reciprocal value in return.
    Through your blog I see you refer to “I” but do you mean that or do you purport to represent yourself in the collective “we”.

  5. 1. Capitalists (I)
    2. Socialists (them, we)
    3. Christian Fundamentalists ()
    4. Liberal Christians ()
    5. Islamic fundamentalists ()
    6. Liberal Muslims ()
    7. Jewish Fundamentalists ()
    8. Achiest Jews ()
    9. Radical right (them, we)
    10. Radical left (them, we)
    11. Liberals (them, we)
    12. Conservatives (them, we)
    13. New Democrats (them, we)
    14. Greens(them, we)
    15. Red Tories(them, we)
    16. Creationists ()
    17. Evolutionists ()
    18. Atheists (them, we)
    19. Ecumenicalists ()
    20. Dispensationalist (them, we)
    21. Anti-dispensationalists (I)
    22. Bloq (them, we)
    23. Rednecks (Mostly “I” but usually have their hand out)
    24. Those that believe in Global warming was caused by humans (I but no one cares to address the problem, I don’t whine about it as I sit in a car driving back and forth. I gave up the car for alternatives that don’t have the impact of waste. My bicycle tires use lass then a half liter of oil to be produced compared to 8 gallons per tire of the average car. So even the electric vehicle has a huge environmental impact. My long-board is great transport but it is frowned upon as a toy for the reckless. My feet propel me at a good rate of speed and allow me the freedom to look both ways when I cross the street while the driver sits and waits for an arbitrary light to change. I’m not willing to give up my right to breath so that car drivers can carry on desecrating the planet because they are to shallow to look with-in for a solution.)
    25. Those that don’t believe Global warming was caused by humans (them, we)


  6. Wow David very cool perspective. That said I (meaning my personal opinion, not that of any collective, we or them) think that we (you and I) tend not to agree on them as I suspect you and I have exchanged words at Bitchabout which has been infinitely entertaining to me.

    Too many pronouns 🙂 that said, don’t you think your position might make people think that you are egotistical or antisocial? Not that I would say so (no sarcasm intended – I have to add that as I abuse sarcasm)

  7. I wish more people would actually say something to my comments as well as any others on the Bitchabout blog site. For all the readership I hear about and the support I see outside the site for it, I am appalled by the lack of any meaningful dialogue.
    My eyes are open but I can’t and don’t see everything, it’s great to be questioned, so that I can dig further to find answers.
    Thanks for the exchanges.

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