A Christmas Wish

The holiday season has got me thinking about wishes. What do we wish for what do we wish for others. There are the superficial wishes which are good like we wish you a Merry Christmas. In most cases that is inevitable but in some cases the wish is more sincere like if you say it to a street person. Then there are the more specific ones I wish your son or daughter will make it home for Christmas. Then there are the broader but more thought out wishes like may your paths always be straight implying may your life be easy. The problem is I would like to wish for someone a wish that is both good and realistic. Wishing for world peace is not only pithy but also naive. Although doing so is idealistically good, the idea that simply wishing for it might help to bring it to being, is naive. Even if we all wish for it we often do not see our actions as leading to it. I seriously think that electing George W Bush was an action that worked against world peace, but did anyone think this when they cast their vote? I doubt it.

So what should we wish for our selves and others?

I actually do have an answer for that a wish many of you might have heard many times but never really thought about. I will give credit where it is due as the Irish tend to be the best at blessings wishes and prayers likely because over the years they have had more reason to wish for better.

So with out further ado……

May you live in interesting times !


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