Hate Comments (Not) Allowed on CBC website

If you have read this post before you will notice the change to the title, as CBC has rectified the problem, to some degree.

CBC ran an article on Son Pham a young boy that is just about finished his treatments to remove a growth from his face. A feel good story.
Unfortunately some vulgar person wrote in the following comment.

smash_the_left wrote:
Posted 2009/12/21
at 1:59 PM ETAs a Canadian ans a taxpayer, I want the doctour(s0 and administraters who made this dicision explain their actions before a public inquiry. Heads should roll over this.

Hmm! Someone in Canada needs to be told that Canadian patients (especially ones who pay taxes) come first and that Canadians do not pay taxes so that some Vietnamese can come here for some cosmetic surgery so that his fellow villagers do not vomit every time they see him.

This implies that Son Pham is just a “vietnamese” not a person, and that he is so ugly that his fellow man vomits at the sight of him. It is straight hate speech.

I have to credit CBC they have moderated further messages from Smash_the_left (even though I had to send an email to thier Ombudsman first) I would hope they have suspended his account but, that might be a bit too much of a reaction.

At Christmas time we try to be more generous more giving but some of us are obviously more selfish and more hateful.

Merry Christmas folks may there be more joy in your hearts than that found in Smash_The_left’s cold heart.

Thank you CBC


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