Local TV Matters – Stop the TV Tax (Two Piles of BS)

There are two forces at work to get your TV watching money. Cable vs Local television. And you’re now saying but I don’t have to pay for TV. Sorry but you do. Have you tried to get a decent signal from your antenna in recent years? Not gonna happen. The only way you don’t pay is by not watching, personally that would work for me, but then movie rental costs go up. Looking at it from an economics point of view you have these choices.

1. Don’t watch broadcast TV but rent movies as you want to.

The problem is more and more movie rental stores are closing as the Cable pay per view is replacing them

2. Don’t watch broadcast TV but go to the movies

Probably one of the better choices but then there is the cost again and the nuisance of going when you’re tired

3. Don’t Watch TV at all Read

Good idea but then what value do you place on TV if it has any value to you, you are losing out on something you want.

4. Watch local television by antenna

This works but then you need a digital decoder box and you are limited in choice, but you do get community info. The problem here is there are fewer and fewer local TV stations as cable options take away from local stations. It is hard to compete with the super stations that play all movies all the time, if you have a local station budget.

5. Get cable.

This is the obvious choice for avid TV watchers. You get local TV and all those supper stations and PPV and on demand stuff. The only problem is that there are less and less local stations so you’re limited to just the national news and nation wide programs most from the US.

With all these choices you get to pick which right ?

Nope the broadcasters and the cable companies are in a fight to the death for your dollars and now they aren’t going to leave it up to you.

Broadcasters want the government to impose a tax on cable providers (not you directly that is just Cable company BS) In reality it isn’t a tax at all but a Fee-for-carriage, a proposed Canadian television regulatory policy which would require cable and satellite television companies to compensate conventional, over-the-air television stations for the right to carry their local signals.

So all this “stop the TV tax” is crap thought up by cable companies to excite the right of centre types that always get excited about taxes (as if they can avoid it). They are playing dirty as well for every advertisement that Local broadcasters run they run another just after it given that they can add or substitute signal before it reaches your home by cable, they have also bought a sponsored link on Google so when you Google “Local TV Matters” their link “Stop the TV tax” comes up on top.

Then there are the local broadcasters which are neither local nor real broadcasters. They are often owned by large national companies like CanWest, and generally service a limited area they are only broadcasted (more like shortcasted) if they are distributed by cable companies.

The campaign at the local level I can support because I want local TV and Local news but the big campaign is just a way for the networks to make up for the losses they have incurred over the last two quarters.

So who do I like in this battle NIETHER.

Who am I supporting Local TV.

But to be fair here are the links to both sides of the issue.



I was tempted to have both links go to Local TV Matters just because of “The Stop the TV tax” dirty move with Google, but I have ETHICS !


4 thoughts on “Local TV Matters – Stop the TV Tax (Two Piles of BS)

  1. I’ve actually given up on cable and actually don’t have it. There was one reason why, Aurora’s (where I live) local cable provider sold out to Rogers. Rogers put out letters asking subscribers in the area to call a special number and transition over. After several phone calls to Rogers nobody could tell me what “Basic Cable” channels were included. I also couldn’t talk to a manager there as they were never available for every reason under the sun. I even attempted leaving my cellphone number but the lady couldn’t record that information even after I repeated it 5 times.

    I blogged about it under this label on my blog here: http://michaelsuddard.blogspot.com/search/label/Life%20without%20Cable

    What do I do without cable?

    1. Read books – Currently reading Brian Mulroney’s biography a thousand page behoemouth well worth the read if you are into Canadian Politics.

    2. Read newspapers and do crosswords – Metro is a free newspaper in many Canadian cities and my wife and I have become good crossword fanatics. I even polish off the word search in the weekend Toronto Star or Toronto Sun.

    3. Nintendo Wii – hours of fun, nuff said.

    4. Clean the apartment – doesn’t it need doing?

    5. Excercise – Take a walk together outdoors – hark! Actually see the neighbours!

    6. Blog – I’m working on blogging more.

    7. Save a wack of dough – NO Cable bill = $35.00 plus in savings per month for basic cable. Also means I don’t have to worry about Rogers screwing up my cable bill. My Internet bill on the otherhand…

    8. Surf the internet – Local news programming from accross Canada is available on the CTV and CBC stations websites. I imagine Canwest (Global) is similar. CBC.ca also has the National and other news programs loaded on a daily basis.

    Lots to do, so who really needs cable anyway?

  2. TV Tax sounds like the old radio tax befor the war, another way to get $5.oo out of the poor
    people trying to make ends meet.H ow much money do they need ?WE pay $5o.00 some a month now .Remmber$1000,00 for a tv plus cable$50.00
    When all said and done Please no new tax think of the little guy for a change.
    Yours truly
    Patick Ross

    • Sorry I haven’t checked these old messages in a while. Patrick you should heae read the article as I point out THIS IS NOT A TAX but a fee for service. You have been conned by the cable guys. They are using tv signals and not paying so they want to be able to charge the cable guys for using THEIR SIGNAL.

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