I Am Both Shocked And Stunned

I know, you can’t believe your eyes. Me either.

We have only ourselves to blame. We had chance after chance to take this man down, but no, we had to play nice. We could’ve worked harder to support our team in the last election. He just seemed like such a joke. In all honesty, we didn’t really see it coming. A couple years ago with Cretien and Layton in the lead, we wanted to team up with Dion against him, but no, we said “That’s just too mean. We can’t do it.” Cretien was right and we knew it but none of us had the guts. Good old René Levesque never would have hesitated. He would have crept up on him in his sleep and struck a surprise death blow. I’m sure that he and other tough characters like him are all rolling over in their graves.

Stephen Harper desperately used his borrowed time to try anything and everything to win back the hearts of Canadians. He looked like a such a fool to us the more he used mud-raking and other bullshit techniques. He even tried to hire a smart guy ringer to convince Joe Clark that his old tymey Conservative party is back. Mr. Clark, you keep that tiny ounce of respect you earned by walking out. Don’t be fooled Old Joe! It’s still C.R.A.P.!

On friday, Ignatieff finally made the non-confidence motion. His speech was a thing of beauty. I watched it and I actually think it might take. I mean I’m really hopeful.

Then, when we weren’t expecting it …ZING!

In a shockingly cool last ditch effort this past Saturday night, Harper NAILED IT. He stole the show. Now, whether he can save his government or not, he will still go down in history as a Canadian hero.

If you think about it, maybe all Harper really wants out of this politics thing is a record deal.
Can we get someone on that please?


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