Roman Polanski Tortured Artist or Rapist?

Roman-Polanski2The quick answer is Both.

I understand Polanski suffered because he lost his mother to the Nazi death camps and his wife and unborn child to Charles Mason’s bunch of evil nut jobs, but what he did was wrong.

Why because society has said that below a certain age the person is to vulnerable to authority.  As a pack animal  which apes are we surrender to authority until we can assert our own (IMHO – and I think I stole that from Desmond Morris) Polanski took advantage of this and thus RAPED a teen. Reading the details of the case it is obvious that Polanski coerced Samantha Gailey into sex. I don’t give a rats ass if she forgives him now. The message from this is if you are revered or rich or famous you can do whatever you like.  No YOU CAN”T ! Society has rules some of them may suck, you may disagree with them but some have good reasons as in this case, and thumbing your nose at them because your famous is Wrong.

Here is a very good write up on the case by Ryan Meyer.


4 thoughts on “Roman Polanski Tortured Artist or Rapist?

  1. I’m surprised by the number of left-leaning people who are leaping to Polanski’s defence. (Not all, however.)

    It just goes to show you that people tend to defend anyone who’s part of their tribe. Republican talking heads will defend Sarah Palin or Joe Wilson, or Scooter Libby, because they have in common that they hate the Democrats.

    And Hollywood types will defend Polanski. Even though their sympathies ought to be with the victim.

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