The Liberal Blow Hard Speaks on Voting by Personality

I haven’t done an analytical article for so long I am beginning to think that I have morphed into a Liberal Blow Hard (see list of stupid right-wing Epithets). Today I was thinking about how I will vote in the next election. Contrary to what you might think I tend to use my vote strategically though I generally vote Liberal but there have been times I have voted NDP and or Green Party. Once, many moons ago, I was a member of the conservative party (on the Provincial level) I write that up to being young and severely stupid. What was I thinking !

This time, and I am sure the election is coming sooner than we think, I am going to vote for leadership rather than local issues, and I am going to vote by personality. This is something I rarely do, as generally I think voting by personality is a BIG mistake. Why? Because it is usually the platform that makes a difference not the person. In this case however we have a problem voting by platform as every one knows. Why can’t we vote by platform? Simple NOBODY HAS A FREAKING PLATFORM !

Everyone is so worried about losing votes that they are afraid to have an opinion.. Wake up folks opinions are what people buy at election time. We don’t buy persons. I don’t care if Harper is insensitive I don’t care if Ignatief is conceited. I just want to know what they will do for me and my country. So why am I voting by personality because that is all we have to go by, along with a bunch of promises most parties can’t or won’t keep.

So I am going to vote for Ignatief. Why, because he has spent less time trying to make Harper look like the arrogant control freak he seems to be. Ignatief has taken the BS claims that the conservatives have been kicking around about his selfishness and said almost nothing. He hasn’t stooped to pointing out how unqualified Harper really is for the job, he hasn’t pointed out that Harper has made serious diplomatic errors. Ignatief has stuck to criticising the Conservatives on their policies. While Ignatief I will admit has not come out with a strong platform he seems to be the one with the most integrity, not something I can say about Harper. Do we want four more years of arrogance and name calling, or do we want to restore respect courtesy back to parliament.

Vote Liberal Vote Ignatief !


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