Stupid Rightwing Epithets

Stupid terms used by the right. 

(First installment)

Lefty socialists (what else would they be there are no righty socialists I know of)

Send him packing! (Why must the right always try to sound like they come from Alabama even when they come from Alberta)

My Tax dollars (It isn’t your tax dollars its our tax dollars and just try to get it back if its yours Good luck there)

Our Heritage (by which you mean only the WASP’s of Canada)

Liberal blow hards (oh and the conservatives aren’t the biggest bag of wind that ever blew in pretending to represent the people while riding the wallets of the lobbyists never never)

Count Iggy (Yes somehow Ignatief is still a count even though the communists stripped all Russians of titles when they came to power)

The Liberal Media (like the National Post and the Sun chain of papers?)

The Silent Majority (who are neither silent or a true Majority or Harper wouldn’t have to face elections every year)

Nobody wanted (this only applies to Conservatives the tens of thousands of Liberals don’t count)

left wing loonies ( so to want to put people first is a crazy idea – industry would do a better job, hmm remember how socially responsible they are Union Carbide gassed how many people in India – Krupp made crematoriums for the Nazis, child labour is driving jobs overseas give me the loonie lefties any day)

In my humble opinion (most right wing types are rarely humble but yes they are opinionated)


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