Contiki Tours ROCK


Normally I don’t allow advertising and I don’t advertise but the other day I was talking at work with a couple friends and we were discussing tour companies. One guy asked if any one had been on a Contiki European vacation (18-35 yr old tours). I was about to say something when one tween blonde squeaks out “Oh I wouldn’t take one of those they are all about selling you stuff and are pick up places for nerdy guys.” Her further advice was that he should just book a hotel in Cannes or Nice for a month. At this point I was annoyed, but I thought I would give her a chance so I asked if she had been on a Contiki tour to which she answered “no but my friend from school did, and she hated it.” My next question was “did she tell you why?” “Oh they went to so many places and she says she can’t remember half of what she saw … a lot of it was just old buildings and things.” I asked if she didn’t want to see old buildings and stuff why did she go to Europe? Her reaction was a sort of baffled HUH look. I asked what type of stuff did they try to sell her? “oh they went to these dirty stinky old wineries, and this lame glass blowing place in Venice.” At this point while stifling a laugh, I thought I had better put in my two cents worth. I told john and the squeaky blonde, that I had done 4 or more Contiki tours as well as the Eurail pass way of seeing Europe, and I liked the old Buildings the stinky wineries and the so called lame glass blowing place in Venice. I admit that Contiki tours are not for everyone, and I enjoyed touring on my own as much,  if not more, but If you judge Contiki based on the fact that you didn’t get to sit on the beach long enough or you saw too much history or you don’t like wineries or Glass blowers, the truth is it isn’t Contiki you don’t like it’s Europe or at least a large part of why people visit Europe. If you want to work on your tan Florida is Cheaper, and for those of us traveling around Europe (or those that did) we would rather you go there to.


One thought on “Contiki Tours ROCK

  1. lol@blonde.

    My parents shoved my sister and i on a contiki tour around europe as well. IT WAS FABULOUS!

    Sure sometimes the history side of things was a bit much but free time was fun time. I’d say go on contiki to anyone anytime anyday. Loads of fun and you meet new people.

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