Is Ignatief Really an Idiot?

Reality Check for those that think Ignatief is in it for himself the average salary at Harvard is $168,700. The base salary for all Canadian MPs is $69,564 and the Leader of the Opposition gets $53,040 more for a grand total of $122,604. The prime minister makes $69,564 plus $75,582 or $145,146. No matter how you crunch the numbers in order to take on the job he took a HUGE pay cut of at least $23,554 (if he becomes PM) or $46,096 if he remains the leader of the opposition.  Before he was the leader of the opposition he would have been making $99,136 less than he made at Harvard. So If he is in it for himself he’s an idiot. The truth is who ever is writing these attack ads is an idiot, or at least thinks the general public is.

One thought on “Is Ignatief Really an Idiot?

  1. I just checked the Blog stats and someone Googled “ignatief is an idiot” to find this post. It is to bad He/she didn’t have the stones to post a reply. 🙂

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