Anti Anti-Semitism

A Jewish friend of mine stopped by for a drink today at lunch and he was wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt which for him is a bit unusual but it is his vacation time so whatever but more funny was the shirt he was wearing. Some Christians might find it offensive but as far as I am concerned it was hilarious and 100 % true.
Jewish joke


One thought on “Anti Anti-Semitism

  1. Bill, I am as perplexed and offended at Jew-haters as you. How any so-called “Christian” can hold that type of view speaks volumes as to their lack of biblical knowledge and study. However, your friend’s tee shirt message is interesting in that it indicates he is probably not an Orthodox Jew, otherwise one particular word on the shirt would have been spelled “G-d”. So building on that I’m wondering just what first-person experiences in his life compelled him to acquire and wear the shirt with that message? It concerns me that someone acting in the name of “Christianity” might be offending him.

    I do have strong views on how illogical and self-deceptive certain members of the US Jewry have been acting in throwing away their opportunities to make a difference in this world. But if someone thinks that particular viewpoint is anti-Semitic they are smoking some very strong stuff.


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