Rednecks, Violence, Pacifism, Rationalism and Christianity

Or what I learned from a JERK in a truck

The problem with life lessons is being able to see the lesson in the situation.One day I was turning right out of a parking area and there was a truck to my left so I could not see on coming traffic. The jerk behind me thought that my caution was slowness so he kept pounding on his horn. I was thinking sorry jerk but I don’t risk my life for rednecks in pick-ups (especially those with attitudes). So I flung him the bird (gave him the finger) and drove away when it was safe to do so. Yes I tend to react with emotion first, this is not wise when you consider I am a pacifist. This Jack Ass then follows me for three blocks and pulls in behind me when I go to stop. He says “if you give some one the finger you should be ready to back it up, with action” I tell him my side of the story that I am not about to risk my ass for his redneck carcass (not in those words) especially not violent rednecks like him. I also tell him that I am about as likely to fight him over this trivial spat as I am to have monkeys fly out of my butt. Personally I wish he would take more dumb risks as it would seem only a tough lesson would shake him into realization that turning into traffic with out seeing it would be STUPID. The big problem is that this jerk was threatening to beat the crap out of me with his 7 year old son in the cab of his truck. Oh Yeah Teach them early that violence works, so they can grow up to be thugs and wife abusers. (If violence was the by-product of insults then parliament would need referees and ropes around it.) I was ignoring his threats for two reasons, one I try not to fight with some one that has biceps bigger than my thighs, and two if he attempted to follow me and strike me (there were spectators) I could have his ass thrown in Jail and that would feel soooo good. However the service guy at the car dealer came running out to tell this redneck that he had just called the police and the jerk left without incident. Damn I was looking forward to charging him with assault. I grew up in a pacifist household my mother was very much against fighting, guns and violence of any sort, so I learned to walk away or take a beating and not cry out when bullied. There is very little pleasure in beating on some one if they don’t fight back, and if they don’t cry or cower. But not fighting back works, because even a bully does not want to look like a bully. You don’t look cool if the guy you’re bullying just stands there. As for the guy that is being attacked, the best thing to keep in mind is while pain is transient and unavoidable, but integrity is worth the pain. The hardest part is to take the pain without crying out. I can’t say that I never fight back, to do so is a natural animal reaction (we are animals). To not fight however is what raises us above the level of animals. We have a fight or flight urge it is built into us genetically. To raise above our animal nature it what distinguishes us from animals. There is no natural instinct that tells us to stand up and take abuse. Where do we learn such contrary behaviour? Well there are a number of possibilities, but two are the most evident. rationalism allows us to make decisions contrary to animal instinct it is logical to assume that if we don’t respond to violence with violence there will be less violence, and religion often teaches us that we are above animal behaviour.

From a Christian perspective we follow the biblical edict (or we should) that says;

Romans 12:19-21
Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Now contrary to the direct image of God as a smiter of sinners, I take this verse to mean that those that commit evil will not be rewarded but rather they will overcome by a good society. They over time as man evolves socially will cease to be. In other words evil will be overcome by good in Gods time.


7 thoughts on “Rednecks, Violence, Pacifism, Rationalism and Christianity

  1. Quite right: the point of the verse is not to indicate that God is a smiter of sinners.

    The verse is a message to violence-prone people, to leave the the judging business to God. That God will, in fact, smite the person, is not to be assumed. Sometimes God sees things differently than we do ….

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    • I read the comment by “terrible Ottawa News” but don’t know much of the issue. Given that it is related to intolerance I have left it in. Just so people know that I don’t generally like having the blog on a spam list so please send things that really relate by a single comment one thought out just for this blog not for a million others. Keep the foul language to a minimum and don’t PO me that’s the rules…

  3. OK, Bill, I read the whole thing – including the insensitive Barbados comment thingy – and must have missed the answer to your post’s title. The lesson I would have learned is to have more control over the natural impulse to ‘flip the bird’ quite so nonchalantly. Life is brusque and some folks are rude. Not all of them drive trucks, btw. Some drive beemers. But I digress.

    If it were me in your situation and the honking was egregious I think I would have set my brakes and flashers and parked right where I was, gotten out of the car with a concerned look on my face, and gone back to ask the honking driver if I could help him? Was anything wrong? Was one of my tires coming off? Always assuming in my tone and body language that I thought he had my best interests at heart. By the time the situation had been clarified, and I had returned to my car, released the brakes, turned off the flashers and turned on the turn signal again enough time would have elapsed so that Mr. Trucker would have learned an invaluable lesson on unintended consequences of rude and impetuous activities. If he had the cerebral capacity to absorb that much input.

    Bill, you and I will always civilly disagree on tons of issues. But I do have to tell you that your parking area exiting story really reminded me of the difference between Canadian and Texan driving. I still live in California but during my visits to Texas noted how polite drivers are in situations such as you described. When I commented on that to a Texan friend he reminded me Texas is a “concealed carry” state. He said, “Always remember, an armed society is a polite society”.


  4. 49erdweet

    I know you and and I may disagree on the right to bear arms. Personally I think if you have to fight “bare” arms or fists would be preferable, but given the origins of your nation I can see why this was included in your constitution. I suspect however an amendment is now needed (this is where we may disagree).

    I am curious though doesn’t the concept of “concealed carry” scare you just a bit?

  5. Actually, Bill, no it doesn’t. It has the opposite effect. Let me explain.

    California is mostly not a “carry” state, except for a few of the more rural counties. Never-the-less except in the PCest cities most sworn peace officers are required to “carry” 24/7, on and off duty.

    The other evening I was with a small crowd in a public place waiting to attend a meeting. The area was not one of the best in town and some members of the crowd reflected that. Can you say “seedy”? For some reason there was a delay in opening the doors to the room and darkness came upon us. If it hadn’t been for the presence of at least three off-duty police officers I recognized in the crowd I would have been a tad nervous. And the same when the meeting broke up a couple of hours later as we made our way to our cars in the parking lot. That I knew they were nearby was quite reassuring.

    Now when I was visiting in Texas a few months ago it was much nicer. We went out shopping late at night and went to odd areas at any time and never gave it a thought. We knew that a goodly number of adult Texans lawfully carry concealed weapons. And it isn’t the lawful carriers a citizen is worried about. It’s the other kind. Like a few that may have been among the “seedy” in my first example.

    I think there’s an unwarranted assumption among folks not familiar with “carry” communities that it is more dangerous to be out among ’em. In my experience that’s only true if one has uncontrollable proclivities to cause harm to others. If you’re as law abiding as most of my northern cousins it’s actually safer.

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