Hottest Day On Record in Ottawa v. Hottest Day on Record in Vancouver

Okay CBC has an article on the hottest day in Vancouver which was yesterday it went up to 33.8 C

bc-090729-vancouver-water-guns-seniors_306It was so hot that old ladies were spraying each other with squirt guns to keep cool 🙂

How ever in the comments there were a couple from folks from Ottawa saying that BCers should suck it up as Ottawa often gets 40C+ days. Having lived here for 10 years I can’t recall a 40C+ day so I looked it up. The hottest day on record for Ottawa was : 37.8ºC, August 14, 1944. So unless these schmuks lived during the Jurassic period they have never seen a 40C+ day.


5 thoughts on “Hottest Day On Record in Ottawa v. Hottest Day on Record in Vancouver

  1. Actually that was a later development as their argument was getting weak originally Yves38 wrote: “really? here in ottawa, its been over 40C and humid many times” so he was implying that it was 40C and then humidity made it worse.

  2. Yah I’m likely into the know it all syndrome with this one (see my most recent posting). 🙂

    BTW I’m also a snoop and ten bucks says there aren’t many Klaus J. Geren’s kicking around Ottawa. Klaus keep up the good work with the Cats on the hill. My wife and I go there often to watch the cats and racoons.

  3. Just because the people you were arguing with were ignorant about the core temperature doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get ridiculously hotter in Ottawa. Vancouver has never seen the kind of humidex that Ottawa gets. In any given summer, we get well over 40 with the humidex. You might have won the technical argument, but you certainly lost the spirit of the argument.

    • Hey Ryan I almost missed your reply but better late than never. In a debate over realities like this there is no “spirit of the argument.” a debate lost is a debates lost. It never gets above 39 % and Vancouver is on the edge of a rain forest how is that not a humid place? PS I have been to Vancouver many times.

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