And That’s the Way it Was

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. (November 4, 1916 – July 17, 2009)


When I was a kid we  used to get five TV stations two Canadian and three American. Like many Canadian kids we watched the American stations they had the best cartoons. In the evening we watched CBC news and switched over to CBS to get the American perspective.  The serious face of Walter Cronkite would recap the news. Over the years though Cronkite went from serious to intimate. His expression went from that of the consummate pro to the warm voice of a friend.  Anchors had always had closing lines that defined themselves NBC’s John Cameron Swayze, finished his show with “Glad we could get together”, but Cronkite’s closing line said more about the news then himself. So it was with sadness I watched tonight’s news and heard the Walter had died, and heard the recorded voice say again “And That’s the way it is.”

For a generation of love war and change It was the voice of Walter Cronkite that brought it home and That’s the way it Was.


One thought on “And That’s the Way it Was

  1. The difference today is that too many broadcasters and news anchors didn’t major or cut their teeth in journalism, they have business, broadcast, and even acting in their backgrounds.

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