Glenn Beck Screaming Like a Cartoon Mouse Being Stabbed in the Scrotum With Knitting Needles

Get Off My RadioOMG There are reasons I like reading the Huffington Post.. Fox News Channel comedian Glenn Beck is highlighted in one of their recent articles, entitled “Caller Reduces Glenn Beck To High-Pitched Hissy Fit.”  I’m not sure if reading the article in the H-Post was funnier or actually listening to Becks ravings.  Beck is good at shooting himself in the foot but as this article points out he may have stabbed himself in another part of his anatomy.  In case you haven’t heard this guy he’s the Ann Coulter of comedy news.  He makes Rush Limbaugh look like an Obama loving  democrat. When the rightwingnuts of this world think they are right (sorry for the pun) they tend to screech like raving lunatics,  a debating tactic that makes everyone realise how close rightwing politics is to lunacy.  Enjoy the link.


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