Death By Chainsaw

Save the park



















Algonquin Park is AMAZING and most Ontarians will agree that there is no place like it anywhere on this planet.  Kilometres of forests thousands of Lakes and wildlife everytime you turn around. The problem is that it is shrinking or at least the forest in it is shrinking, and with it the habitat of millons of creatures.  How?  by Chainsaw.

Did you know that…

78% of Algonquin Park is open to logging?

Logging roads in Algonquin, laid end to end, would stretch to Florida and back?

Ontario Parks is holding an open house on the future of logging in Algonquin, and they want your input.

The Algonquin Forest Management Plan consultation: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3-5PM Travelodge Hotel 1376 Carling Ave. Ottawa, ON

My wife and I will be there to say NO MORE LOGGING in OUR park. See you there !



2 thoughts on “Death By Chainsaw

    • We were going to go late but unfortunately we had an urgent issue to deal with so we missed it.

      It annoys me that this was booked during most peoples work hours, it is obvious that the average Joe wasn’t wanted just the vested interest groups. I would like to know how it went myself.

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