Spoiled Brat

The other day I was in a corner store and there was this kid ahead of me. He must have been eight or nine years old no more. He was wearing really cool clothes and had at least three strings of bling around his neck. It was obvious that his tan was store bought and he walked with a saunter that would make a pimp blush. He had a permanently etched sneer on his face and stunk like half a bottle of CK one. He wasn’t carrying anything his sole target was the bottles of energy boost shots (NHP) on the counter. He grabbed three and shoved a twenty dollar bill across the counter. I’m not sure if it was out of concern for this kid’s health or the fact that this kid needed to be told that he wasn’t the center of the world, but I looked over the counter at the clerk and said “those things aren’t really for kids.” I don’t know if it was because I was still wearing my work pass or that I looked annoyed but the clerk said “sorry kid can’t sell you those.” The kid looked like he was going to explode, walked out of the store banging the door as he left. Now in reality the energy drinks may have done him little harm but they are really not meant for kids, but I think the fact that he was refused something did him more good.


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