I’m so Not Proud of Our Prime Minister

Harper is going to visit the Pope this week and after all the protocol Faux Pas’s this embarrassment of a PM has made this week the general public is nervous. Understandably most of the comments submitted on the  CTV news article on this have been derogatory and critical of his tardiness and lack of protocol in regards to the Catholic faith.  That said there are always the Conservative pundits,  the ones that would defend him if he pissed on the Pope’s shoes and burned the Canadian Flag on Canada Day. One such commenter is “bunny” yes this person goes by the name of bunny and expects to be taken seriously.  She(or he) wrote:

I am so proud of our PM.At least we are being seen on the world stage as taking part.I remember creepy chretien, and how he made Canada look so mickey mouse.Great news, god bless. (pardon the Grammar – this is cut and pasted as written)

Okay yes she is right God would have to bless this Bozo with some political intelligence before he would be called a statesman.   Showing up is not enough, and he could at least do that on time.  Protocol is vital to a statesman. Harper can’t even get through a church service without screwing it up. Some one should have told our PM he was supposed to eat the damn wafer.  And for those that believe he did eat the wafer watch the video and tell me just when he ate it? Probably saved it for a late night snack?  I suspect that next time Harper invites Benjamin Netanyahu to dinner he will serve pork.

Another Conservative Pundit noted that the first four posts were on Harper’s mistake of not consuming the Eucharist at Romeo LeBlanc’s funeral calling these comments “cheap and petty.”   I guess conservatives calling Ignatief an “opportunist … just visiting”  Canada was not cheap and petty.  Gotta love those classy Conservative attack ads nothing petty about them (sarcasm intended).  Then Mr Harper goes on the G8 stage to criticises Ignatief for things he did not even say,  that couldn’t be described as cheap and petty either?  Well at least he apologised, and blamed it all on his aide,  the very conservative thing to do, remember Ms Rait’s aide that kept leaving this everywhere.  I will never understand the Conservative habit of forgiving even the dumbest acts of their leaders.  As a liberal I think Trudeau’s pirouette behind the Queen was asinine, but if Harper had done this, types like Bunny would be saying oh what wonderful dancing.



One thought on “I’m so Not Proud of Our Prime Minister

  1. I have a hard time believing Harper didn’t eat the wafer. But I’ve seen the video, and your comment is fair ("tell me just when he ate it" ).

    I hesitate to pass judgement only because Harper is a Christian, so presumably he wouldn’t be brazenly disrespectful of the Eucharist. Unless he is one of those evangelicals who thinks the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t qualify as Christian, in which case he might have thought it was a sin to actually eat the wafer. But in that case, why did he participate in the Eucharist? I’ve been to Catholic churches, and if you don’t think it’s appropriate to participate, you just hang back.

    The whole thing is a puzzle to me. I would love to know the truth about it — hah hah, like we’ll ever get the truth from a politician who’s has been caught in an embarrassing situation.

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