Is there a God Gene?

At the moment I am reading a somewhat disturbing somewhat euphoric book entitled “The God Gene” by Dean Hamer.
Disturbing because Hamer strongly believes in nature over nurture, and this defends the idea that a monster can be born into a good family because of the lack of a gene, and there is not a damn thing a family can do to change this violent or sadistic or amoral monster.
Euphoric as it seems to imply that this God gene gives us an evolutionary advantage by helping us in adversity through hope, which helps us get through disease and thus extends our life. It gives value to the belief in God.
I am not convinced that a scientific approach to belief is either possible or needed but It is an interesting read. Though I don’t recommend you expect it to be a life changing experience. I would let you know my full opinion when I finish reading it. But out side of reading this do you think there is a God Gene?


Alright I haven’t finished reading it because it is beginning to be nothing but a aimless ramble.

So I thought I would include this Appropriate John Cleese video to show how I now feel about Hamers book. ENJOY the video that is it is more interesting.


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