Is There Such a Thing as Positive Violence

I tend to disagree with violence but the feeling that you get from watching a righteous but violent act is mildly enjoyable. There must be something chemical in it. I know violence is wrong and I would rather people didn’t but when something like the following happens it is hard not to feel that violence was justified (I still believe it was not, but understand it)

I was in a convenience store the other day and an obnoxious customer was arguing with the owner about something, I can’t recall what, but then this costumer started to spout racist crap, saying “You ragheads are all alike” and other abusive crap. Then this young twenty something jock type, walks up to the abusive jerk and lands a quick left hook on the side of his jaw, and says “say the fucking words raghead one more time and you’ll get another one.” I left before the inevitable fight ensued, but it is hard not to think that the ass deserved it.

Another example of this I saw about a year ago.

A young guy was sitting on the bus with his backpack on the seat next to him, when an old guy gets on. The old guy asks the kid to move his bag, and the kid gives nim a snide look, an leaves the bag where it is. The old guy stands patiently until the next stop and when the bus doors open the old guy grabs the kids pack and throws it off the bus. The kid jumps off to get his bag yelling at the old guy and the driver closes the door and drives away.

Both incidents are probably not the wisest way to deal with things but why does a story like this trigger some sort of positive emotional response when we know violence is wrong?


6 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as Positive Violence

  1. I love it, and totally agree. SOMETIMES there is nothing more deserved than a slap/punch in the face. In these times of non-violence, people don’t believe there are consequences to their actions, and will do/say anything as long as there isn’t a cop in sight. As an added note if you’re over 18 and not offended you’ll appreciate “kick a skank day” try google, it was forwarded to me and a perfect example of an older generation’s mentality that we’ve lost today. Our grandparents were brought up to “not put up with shit”, they fought WWII.

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  3. Violence is just an physical act, the fact that you have to question it shows that you have been indoctrinated by the left wing hippy fascists out there.
    WW2 was a huge amount of violence and something good came out of it.
    The idea that violence doesn’t solve anything is wishfull thinking at its worst!
    What is Positive or negative about a physical act is the reason behind it- this in itself is subjective[person to person may have different moral standings]
    i.e. beating the crap out of a rapist or child abuser[most would say positive],
    beating the crap out of a child -negative.
    What makes certain acts of violence wrong is the reasoning behind them.
    I general you can’t go around with a blanket statement ideology of violence is wrong as life has a way of disproving generalisations.

  4. WW2 something good came out of it ? millions of dead soldiers and millions of dead Jews?
    Beating the crap out of a rapist or child abuser? Just straight vengence tho it may feel good it acomplishes nothing.

    Get real no one learns anything from violence but how to be violent.

    We have stopped using violence to train animals why should we use it to train humans?

    As for the “left wing hippy fascists” statement I have never understood why the right thinks insults are more appropriate than civil conversation.

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