No more Pro-war videos PLEASE !

I hate to have to say this again but obviously I do…

Recently I have had people email and send me pro-war videos under the guise of supporting the troops.

I support the troops I think if they have to be in harms way give them the best weapons the best food and the highest respect, then bring them home, with honour and with flag waving. Name streets after them and build monuments to them the live and the dead. The images of all those proud Canadians with flags along the highway of heroes chokes me up.

As for the war there is NO DAMN WAY you will ever get me to support it, so PLEASE STOP TRYING, and stop equating anti-war with disrespect for the troops that is propagandist crap, and entirely wrong.

I do not have to agree with you I do not have to explain myself to anyone.

All I have to say is if we insist on sending brave men and women to a war that is neither necessary or ours then SHAME ON US.

Stop sending me these videos that blame the lack of support for the troops on war protesters blame the real problem the cheap-assed politicians that send men and women to die without enough air support and with armored vehicles that are made of tin foil. Yes we now have better gear for our military but not until after soldiers died.

This war is a corpse making machine That’s it…


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