Murderers Among Us


I want to first say that this rant is not against the ignorant but against those that would choose to be ignorant and defend their ignorance. If you willfully  do something that contributes to the death of a child you are responsible.

I was at one time a person that thought this whole peanut allergy was overblown. And why did I think this way? The answer is simple I was ignorant, yup I admit it I was down right stupid. I used to spout nonsense like, “Nut allergies are a new phenomenon”

Here are a few things you need to know about nut allergies

1. While nut allergies are not statistically common,  it does not matter they need to be treated seriously as they are deadly.

Most Bears don’t attack people but would you let one loose in a yard of school children even if only 1 in 100,000 would actually attack a child?

2. Allergic reactions to nuts can be treated with an Epi-Pen.

Every child with a severe allergy should have access to one at all times However using an Epi-Pen is just a stop gap measure, you still have to go to hospital, and the side effects of using an Epi-pen are NASTY.

3. Most children diagnosed with nut allergies have never had a anaphylactic level reaction.

True but do you have to have a train run you over to know to avoid walking along a train track when one is coming?

The top three irrational excuses to object to nut restrictions.

1. Nut allergies are new I always had BBJ sandwiches when I was a child and no one died. Totally untrue, not that you don’t think it is true I’m sure you do, but for years allergic reactions to nuts were diagnosed as food poisoning or choking or any number of other things. It was not reported as a nut reaction.

2. It is your responsibility to protect your child from nuts not mine. Also untrue we don’t allow children with dangerous illnesses to go to school. We don’t allow children to bring knives or guns to school, we don’t allow them to walk around with arsenic or other toxic stuff, and for those that say these are not fair comparisons sorry but they are. Peanut allergies Kill and they kill quickly, faster than any disease. To children with nut allergies, nuts are more toxic than arsenic. To be killed by a knife or gun you have to be in sight of the weapon with nuts you just have to be in roughly the same area.

3. Most nut allergies are not severe? No need to argue against this point as it is just plain BULL SHIT spouted by the severely ignorant. If your child is allergic to nuts it is more likely that it will be a severe allergy than a minor one, and yes this is different from most allergies why we don’t know.

If your child was asked to go to school in a classroom that was insulated with asbestos would you not blame the school for not removing it? Remember the whole issue of toxic mold in school portables some years ago, should we have ignored that and told the parents to just send their children to school in gas masks?

Unfortunately because of a number of ignorant parents we may have to make knowingly sending your children to school with nut products a criminal act. Not because an inadvertent child comes to school with a nut product but because there are still people out there that choose to be ignorant and endanger the lives of others.

So for all those IGNORANT folks that would object to the nut ban in schools I hope your child’s BBJ sandwich never kills a child, and if it does I hope they charge you with murder, which they should.


7 thoughts on “Murderers Among Us

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  3. Have 2 kids-5 & 1-grew up my entire life-nary a peep about allergic reaction to anything-this is all manufactured-like a murder-ask yourself who benefits-and now the hysteria probably has made kids allergic-all mental-this is not real-never existed previously. It’s all garbage.

  4. Gert – I was very tempted to just delete your piece of uninformed barely intelligible, nonsense but decided to leave it there to show there are still idiots out there endangering other people’s children by their pure and utter stupidity.Thank you for posting your almost laughable comment, it just goes to show the level of intellect of those that would disregard serious allergies. My worry is one day one of your children will experience acute anaphylaxis and you won’t have a clue about how to deal with it. Here is a good explanation you might need it Normally I respect people’s opinions unless they endanger others which this attitude toward allergies does.

  5. Oh and for your information hysteria can’t make people allergic. Allergies are not of the mind they are physical especially ones as serious as those discussed here.

  6. for those that do not know just what can happen in an allergic reaction to peanuts it is called Anaphylaxis- Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening medical emergency because of rapid constriction of the airway, often within minutes of onset, which can lead to respiratory failure and respiratory arrest. Brain and organ damage rapidly occurs if the patient cannot breathe. Due to the severe nature of the emergency, patients experiencing or about to experience anaphylaxis require the help of advanced medical personnel. First aid measures for anaphylaxis include rescue breathing (part of CPR). Rescue breathing may be hindered by the constricted airways, but if the patient stops breathing on his or her own, it is the only way to get oxygen to him or her until professional help is available. Are people really stupid enough to believe that this sort of reaction is “all mental.”

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