The Battle of the Plains of Abraham Continues FOREVER !

In a CTV article today it was noted that “Following a firestorm of protest, a planned re-enactment of the 1759 defeat of French forces on Quebec City’s Plains of Abraham has been cancelled.”

Okay fine maybe this is not a thing that should be celebrated in Quebec City but Le Réseau de résistance du Québécois, calling the celebrations “federalist propaganda.” And threatened to rally hundreds of demonstrators to disrupt the events is nonsense. A Quebec based group called the the Quebec Historical Corps, planned to do the re-enactment and pledged that it would be non-political.You may spin the story so it appears that the poor French were defeated by the evil British or any darn way you like to make it happen but to cover up the historical event is dumb.

Here are the facts the British came over kicked the French forces in the Ass won the battle, the French here became British subjects for which they have whined for generations and with good reason because they got treated like second class citizens for many years. Canada seperated itself from the UK and now we are all Canadians not British or French, and until Quebec seperates which they won’t do because only the bitter noisy ones really want to leave, then we are all in this together.

Shut up and get used to it!

Why do we have to fight this infantile fight over and over again in the province of Quebec?


2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Plains of Abraham Continues FOREVER !

  1. The problem is people don’t seem to get it we are not British or French we are Freakin CANADIANS……………..

    In retrospect we should of had a great big party when we ratified the constitution, with both the French Canadians and English Canadians Sympolically kicking a Red Coated British soldier across Parliament Hill, this might have united the English and French Canadians, but we didn’t because both sides refused to let go of the past. IDIOTS

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