Long Live Family Day

Today is Family Day in Ontario, but unfortunately as a public servant I don’t get it off. This is no big deal as we do get one more day than most people do, and adequate vacation time. That said all these whining idiots that think that family day will kill our economy need to get stuffed. Statutory holidays do not effect the economy negatively. If people aren’t working or shopping the economy does not change, it remains neutral so is not impacted by a Statutory holiday. Away from that the deeper we head into depression (yes it is a depression you conservative ostriches) the more we will need a respite from the grind which we will have to endure until things get better. So bring on Family day.

That said there are also the workaholics out there that think if you are not working you are not of value or not fulfilled. To the I say BS !

This is one commenter from CTV’s website
Michael from Toronto
1. We already have enough holidays. Having more holidays while the economy is in a funk is simply wrongheaded. It’s a very bad idea. (Why see my note above)

Small business owners are never really on holiday – if you own a business, it’s your life and you work on it 24/7 because you love your work. (Yes and you really need to get a life – I was at one time a small business owner it paid me well to take great vacation and all my business friends that refused to take vacations were mostly greedy bastards with little or no intellectual capacity beside making money. Personally I think that is a waste of a human mind.)

People want more holidays because they find their work draining and stressful. If you were happy with your work you would need very few holidays. I love going to work and I learn something new everyday. (If you are a store owner or a Janitorial contractor there isn’t much new to learn and even if there is what fun is there in learning a new way to clean toilets) Legislating more holidays is like giving painkillers to someone who does not like their work. It’s an absolutely useless short term band-aid that only gets “the doctor” off the hook. (Nonsense it is a reward for all those that do jobs that SUCK and yes there are MANY jobs that SUCK)
I think the idea of supplementary holidays and vacations only took hold when organized labour and unions came into being. (Yes because most Unionized jobs SUCK) Would a farmer take a 3 or 4 week vacation? (I know many that have, those that know how to hire employees and managers or have raised sons that know how to work)People who are serious about their work do not take a lot of holidays. BULL why? Because it is hard to get serious about scrubbing graffiti off walls, cleaning toilets, pressing shirts, changing beds, washing dishes, screwing the same part on each day, bussing tables parking cars etc.. And if you think that people should be happy doing these tedious jobs, without vacations then you believe in slavery, because that is the excuse slave owners used. A slave should be happy with hard work. You and your lame Ideas should get stuffed we need a vacation from folks like you. In case you’re too stupid to believe it many people don’t get anymore than the Statutory holidays given them and I really feel sorry for them. So Elitist nobs like you who would take away their only respite from labour are no better than the slave owners of the past. Yup I think you’re ideas on work are lame.


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