1. I don’t believe in Ghosts – (Why ? because sorry but they don’t exist there is not enough evidence anywhere to prove they do)
2. I don’t believe in magic (Magic is just science we can’t yet explain)
3. I don’t believe in vampires (having studied the history and origins of the vampire MYTH I know where the stories came from and Vampires never existed or were even claimed to have existed outside of fiction)
4. I don’t believe in Little green men from other planets (if UFO’s exist there is likely an explanation we don’t know yet – possibly time travel)
5. I don’t believe in the Men in Black (MIB) (I do believe in that paranoia is more common than we think)
6. I don’t believe in the Sasquatch (Thousands of people roam the western forests each year and NOT ONE CREDIBLE PICTURE unless you think all those grainy out of focus picture of men in fake fur count)
7. I don’t believe in clairvoyants (no one can talk to the dead – the dead are dead and no one but God can talk to the dead)
8. I don’t believe in Atheism (because there is no proof that some being did not exist before us – this may be disputed because there is precious little proof god exists but that is why religions are called faith, but the key to me is that I suspect Jesus existed and there is some proof he was at least related to God)
9. I don’t believe we know the mind of God ( Sorry televangelists you’re usually dead wrong )
10. I don’t believe in perfect politicians and the myth that men can be infallible is as unbelievable as the infallibility of the pope.


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