Money Grubbing Opportunist Award

I have thought about this many times and never put it into action. This is a new occasional feature on the Rant, and I am going to call it The Money Grubbing Opportunist Award.

My first Candidate for this award is the so called Meteoriteman Robert A Haag.
This man offered money for the first piece of the Saskatchewan Meteor which fell last month. He isn’t a scientist he is a collector and meteor profiteer. These finds should go to universities for study not worms like Haag.

Don’t Send Anything to This Man.

Just so people know when Haag asks you (and he accepts Canadian specimens) to “send a small, quarter-sized piece for me to examine along with a description and photograph of the entire specimen.” He is asking you to break the Law because, Meteorites of Canadian origin are subject to the provisions of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act and may not be exported from Canada without a permit.

Also he is asking you to damage your find by breaking off “a small, quarter-sized piece” not a very scientific approach. I am not providing a link to this Money Grubbing Opportunist’s website because it would only encourage him. Feel free to look it up yourself it is a tacky trap for the gullible.

How to really treat a meteor find.

Geological Survey of Canada offers to pay the owner a minimum of $500 for the first specimen of any new Canadian meteorite. Should you find a suspected meteorite, please contact Curatorial Services by email. Procedures will be given on how to send a specimen.

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