A Living Wage

Average cost of an apartment in Ottawa (2 Bdrm) $1100 per month (for something worth living in)
Average cost of food for one person $240 per month
Transport cost (monthly bus pass) $81.00 per month
Telephone bill (average) $60 per month

The Minimum Wage in Ontario $8.74

For most employees in Ontario, the maximum number of hours they can be required to work is eight hours a day.

And many work 6 days a week especially if you are working for the minimum wage.

Average monthly salary for a person on the minimum wage is thus $70 a day or $1540 a month

After a person on minimum wage pays his bills he has $59 left which is less than a cup of coffee a day.

So is the minimum wage really a LIVING WAGE?


3 thoughts on “A Living Wage

  1. So move somewhere else? Is that an option? Or just cruel?

    One school of thought would be that a shortage of minimum wage workers in an area should either force the wages upwards a little or create more of a demand for affordable housing. Would that not work in Ottawa?

    Obviously years ago in Los Angeles it resulted in floods of undocumented workers willing to be abused by unscrupulous employers. But that shouldn’t have the same result there, should it?

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