Undemocratic MY ASS !

The minority Government of Stephen Harper is throwing around several words that reveal them to be either liars or politically ignorant. John Baird called the coalition a “back-door power grab.”

Prime Minister Harper called the coalition “undemocratic.” The Lie is that this is undemocratic, as it is totally democratic and globally not uncommon. For example in Germany, coalition governments are the norm, Helmut Kohl’s CDU governed for years in coalition with the FDP and from 1998 to 2005 Gerhard Schröder’s SPD was in power with the Greens. It isn’t backdoor there is a precedent in our past and many global examples of coalitions that work.

A coalition government, by definition is a government in which several parties cooperate. It is actually more democratic than a simple majority government. The usual reason is that no party on its own can achieve a majority in the parliament. The fact that this is our third minority government seems to hold this out. The democratic nature of it is that the parties cooperating have a shared commitment to the voters that elected them believing that the greatest good would come from a coalition, and the number of seats they hold exceeds the minority party elected, (sorry but even if the Bloc says they will not be a part of a federal government, the fact is in supporting the Coalition they are part of it) giving them more strength in the house. This is a fact the Conservatives would like us to ignore, and pretend that this is some sort of Coup. Sorry but a Coup means that an unelected group takes power, and every one of the members of this coalition government is ELECTED. If the Conservative party is to govern without the aid of the other parties in this minority parliament as they have so far, then THEY are behaving undemocratically not the members of the soon to be Coalition Government.

To me we are just catching up to other more progressive democracies. As the world becomes more diverse both culturally and politically a majority government will be harder and harder to achieve. We are on the cusp of a change and I am glad Canada is part of that change. The coalition members are putting party politics aside for the betterment of the nation they are cooperating, something that the Conservatives have proven they can’t do. The coalition believes that working together is better than being told what to do, by Mr Harper. Let’s hope this works.


3 thoughts on “Undemocratic MY ASS !

  1. Just to note though we see the most vocal commentors on the CBC or CTV websites are Conservative it is good to note that the most recomended comments on the CBC website are those that support the Coalition (too bad CTV does not have the recommend feature, were readers can recommend a comment).

    The most recommended comment was the following:

    I sincerely hope her Excellency decides to allow the coalition parties to show Canadians the true meaning of cooperation within a minority government.

    The time for Harper’s tyrannical bullying tactics is at an end.

    I am grateful that Layton and Dion are able to put aside differences and do what is best for Canadians during these harsh economic times. Unlike the Cons, who don’t give a damn about the environment, the NDP and the Liberals could invest in a new and much needed green economy!

  2. This may be the most appalling aspect of the whole appalling affair. Surely the Prime Minister knows that, in a minority Parliament, the opposition parties can band together to form a government. As you point out, there are lots of examples of such an arrangement. The PM can’t plead ignorance.

    Which means he told the Canadian public a bald-faced lie about the way Parliamentary democracy works, to save his own miserable, scaley hide. I’ve never been so disgusted with a Canadian politician.

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