Useless Tech #1

The US TSA (Transport Security Administration) and some technological wizz have come up with the great idea of having a cell phoned based boarding pass which you recieve as a bar code on you phone and scan at the gate.

Not that this doesn’t have potential for abuse written all over it but what about the technologically chalenged older generation.

I though Tech was suposed to make things simpler?


7 thoughts on “Useless Tech #1

  1. Bill, seriously, you’ve got to get a grip, old man. WHAT seriously challenged older generation is that? Certainly not mine. Do you actually believe that “oldsters” won’t be able to figure out how to use their cell phones to show a barcode for access purposes? I think maybe you’re stuck on too many assumptions here. Unless Canadians born during the great depression, as was I, are somehow less “tech” capable than their southern neighbors.

    Actually when we flew to Denver in September I would have appreciated this new process. As it was we were “paperless” both ways and were forced to dig out our printed itineraries to confirm flight, gate and departure time information whilst in the terminals.

    Besides, weren’t you the one that wanted some “change”?

  2. No insult intended

    You have to meet the AUNTS . I gladly admit that American seniors are more tech savy than 80 + English Ladies.

    I don’t think they own cell phones or computers

  3. It’s a great idea, it’s not going to stop people from having paper tickets because that would force everyone to have either have a cell phone or PDA. So your auntie could still board the plane with her printed boarding pass.

  4. Vu you are right it will be a while before this becomes the rule. My point is given time we will be structured to buy things because they are made to be needed.

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