Cut their ___s Off and Put Them in a Cage Till They Rot

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 leader verbally attacked Barack Obama as a black American who does the bidding of whites.

Ayman al-Zawahri, posted a message on the internet Wednesday, aimed at convincing Muslims and Arabs that Obama will keep to white Anglo-Saxon policies toward Muslims. Al-Zawahri called Obama , Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — “house negroes.” the term used by Malcolm X to describe black slaves who worked in their white masters’ house which were more servile than those who worked in the fields. Malcolm X used the term to criticize black leaders for not standing up to whites.


Ostensively the al-Qaeda message was to tell Muslims not to expect any real change from Washington, but Al Qaeda does nothing unless it has a reason. It trys to stay as out of sight as much as possible untill it strikes or passes a message for a purpose. It believes action speak louder than words, but words are used when there is a purpose.

What is the real purpose here? Simple they want to remove any idea of reconcilaition between the US or the West and radical Islam. They want the US president to be thier enemy. Without this animoasity there is no Jihad without Jihad there is no need for Al Qaeda. No one wants to be redundant.

The problem is al-Zawahri really thinks Muslims are stupid enough to swallow his crap. He thinks he can con them into believing he and his ilk are true followers of the prophet, not power hungry terrorists. I am however against killing these bastards. Why? Because they want it. Martyrs only breed more Martyrs. It would be better if these bastards had their power over the Islamic world taken from them and then died of old age. In less than politically correct terms we should, cut their nuts off and put them in a cage till they rot.


5 thoughts on “Cut their ___s Off and Put Them in a Cage Till They Rot

  1. Some people have noticed that my vernacular has changed somewhat. The truth is that I tempered my rants because I had young nephews and nieces that might drop by and read this. But It dawned on me the other day that they are no longer too young to hear their uncle call and ass an ass. It would be less respectful of me to treat them like children. That said I don’t really cuss much but now if the occasional cuss slips out I am not worried.

  2. Ostensibly you know what you are talking about. I absolutely agree about your comments pertaining to the idea of a ‘theater of war’ and opportunities to wage jihad. If Zawahiri or bin Laden are ever caught it should never be mentioned. Best case scenario if it were mentioned is people feel a little safer. Worst case it will lead to greater recruitment for groups expressing a sentiment against anti-Western countries.
    In my opinion Zawahiri called Obama a ‘house negro’ because Obama seems to have changed his stance on relations between the US and Middle Eastern countries and on the ‘war on terror’ from when Obama began his run to the present time. It has gone from reconciliation to fighting our enemies wherever they are. Zawahiri is just keeping the rhetoric burning.

  3. I completely agree with your assessment of Al-Zawahiri’s message. No doubt, he saw or heard about all the celebrations around the world when Obama won the election. He saw this renewed respect for the United States coming back to life and it stuck in his craw. So, what does he do? He says that Obama is a tool of the white men. This statement proves that no matter what the United States does, Al Zawahiri’s hatred for the West will never cool. This is a man who would happily kill every single citizen of the United States if he had a big enough weapon. Never mind that several million Muslims would be killed in the process. The man is just a blood-thirsty remnant of the Dark Ages.

  4. Matt

    You say Ostensibly I say Ostensively, both are in the American Heritage dictionary ostensively adv. Meaning Seeming or professed, and ostensibly adv. meaning Represented or appearing as such. Both work.

    And your correct in saying “Zawahiri is just keeping the rhetoric burning,” but the reasoning behind doing so is the need for power not ideology. If it was ideological then he would have had to admit that there could be some change for the better, because democrats generally accept that the US should play a role but a reduced one in the region.

    We have to keep looking at the reason more than the rhetoric.

    The truth is johnrj08 is correct al-Zawahri is “just a blood-thirsty remnant of the Dark Ages,” as is his puppet master Bin Laden if he hasn’t succumbed to kidney failure or ballistically induced vaporization (see

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