Oh What Convenient RACISM.


In a recent comment on CTV related to the election of Barack Obama a person commented that,”why is he referred to as a black man? Isn’t his mother white?” In The Jim Crow years a man was considered black if one parent was black.

Oh what convenient RACISM.


David in New Brunswick
Terms such as “redistribution of wealth” should worry many people in the US.
Also, why is he referred to as a black man? Isn’t his mother white?
I just wonder how PM Harper will be slagged by the NDP and Liberals. Bush won’t be there, but the NDP may be surprised to find out that Mr. Obama thinks that Afghanistan IS the right war, and that PM Harper and the president-elect have similar climate change policies…


5 thoughts on “Oh What Convenient RACISM.

  1. Bill, I’m not sure of the point of this point. Is it expressing disgust that President-elect Obama is being called a “black”?

    Or because if one is of mixed blood heritage, one of which is “black”, a person is usually called that term?

    I’m asking because I have a serious point to make if that is the case. If not, I apologize for being so obtuse as to not understand.


  2. I suspect “David in New Brunswick” thinks that Obama is a white man because of one white parent, In the past one black parent meant you were black regardless of the skin colour of the other parent. I suspect Obama to this man is black pretender, much as a white skinned man was once considered a black man in the south. I don’t know if “David in New Brunswick” is white or black but to label a person based on the colour of their parents skin is as bad as discriminating against them based on the colour of their skin. It is a tiumph for blacks to have a black president, but now his skin colour is in question because he has one white parent? Racism can be very convenient.

  3. I’ll leave “David in NB’s” intent to you. What I wanted to point out – but you probably already know this – is that Barack Obama himself defines his race and heritage as “black”. Its not a label others assigned him, but he chose it himself. And in this country it is his choice. My 10 year old grandson also takes pride in being “black”, though he’s probably a little more Caucasian than elsewise, but he makes that choice freely and I have to respect and support it.

    I celebrate the fact that individuals can choose what to call themselves and how they define their own heritage, even though sometimes I might question their motives.

    Now if someone disparages “blacks” as a class, then that’s obviously racist. But to comment on a person’s success in life in spite of his race may or may not be racist. I hold that more information is required before such a label may be applied. Unless its now PC to avoid commenting on how well that person can stuff a basketball in spite of being but 5’6″ tall.

    Let me know if you think I’m off base.

  4. I totally agree. Maybe I am not saying this right but to criticize a man because he has one black parent is as wrong as criticizing him for having one white parent. It is laughable how both positions have been used as a negative.

  5. Your right about that last. But I took the original comment more as naivete that someone with mixed parentage would be classified as just one of the involved races. Almost as if the OP was lamenting what he perceived to be incipient racism. Which comment totally missed that the questioned appellation was self-administered.

    But maybe I misread it. Cheers, my friend

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