Undeserved Merit Badges

These are a few undeserved Merit Badges people wear to make themselves seem better than every other person on the planet.

People seem to forget that just because you are different does not make you better or worse than anyone else.

1. Vegetarianism (does not make you a better person just different and you have a 50/50 chance of being healthier but only if you know what foods to eat)

2. Pacifism (Though meritorious not entirely for everyone, I’m a pacifist but I don’t hold this over others as if I am better than you, it is just a different way of combatting the evil we do to each other)

3. Conservativism or Liberalism as a family tradition (get a life think for yourself)

4. Moral (Whose morality?)

5. Slim and Fit (great to be, but Eienstein, Churchill, W.C Fields and Budda (if you believe the statues) were round, and Churchill was an Alcoholic)

6. Religious (so all atheist are below you because they couldn’t possibly be devoted to their beliefs? Atheists like Sigmund Freud, Stephen Hawking, Linus Pauling and Carl Sagan are beneath you? I’m a Christian it defines me but does not make me better than everyone else on the planet that is not)

7. In with the In crowd (so what that just makes you a snob)

9. Rich (my question is what did you give up to be rich – think about it and if you say nothing you’re lying and you know it)

10. Racially pure (If you think this I hate to say it but you’re a sick and twisted ass – probably from racial inbreeding)

Keep in mind that self pride in most faiths and cultures is considered either negative or a sin. If you wear any of these badges do so to celebrate your difference not make yourself seem superior, because I hate to say it but you’re not.

Again as I said before we need to strive to be better than we were before not better than everyone else, and lose the self pride merit badges


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