Every week we have to put up with nonsense and things that make you say I HATE THAT. In reality you don’t hate any of it but it annoys you to the point you want to blow your top and say I HATE IT WHEN! So this is my I HATE IT WHEN LIST based on actually events.

I hate asinine people that take pleasure in being superior to you and tell you that they are only trying to help. Who asked for your freakin help, and besides your just as wrong as your father was when he told you he was right.

I hate drivers that point at were they are going and expect you to get out of their way. Hey buddy you still have a yield sign and I don’t phphpht….. consequently I hate drivers that speed up when you are trying to change lanes or merge. It almost makes you want to not signal, like drivers in Montreal. In Montreal if you signal its like a challenge to a drag race.

I hate those electronic games in shopping malls the claw drop ones, that are designed to be impossible to win. These things are usually aimed at children as they are full of stuffed toys, and you rarely win because all the toys are jammed in so tight that a pry bar couldn’t free them. So in reality these companies are steeling from children WOW that’s freakin ethical.

I hate officious store clerks that get annoyed with you when you can’t understand their incoherently babbled directions, and refuse to just show you where the friggin Menswear department is. “Oh its down past the carry out foods section by the discounted merchandise tables behind the variegated fuchsia carpeted area at the west side of the store.” Okay first off what the heck is the difference between carry out food and any other food a Department store sells, secondly what is variegated fuchsia, and when you are in one of these big Mall store how the hell are you to determine where WEST is. (Yah I’ll just pull out my trusty compass I keep just in case some dope in the mall tells me to head west.)

I hate people that spout off on topics and you know they are just making it up as they go. “you know you’re not supposed to mix liquid soap with fabric softener. Softener can only be mixed after the first rinse cycle because if mixed with soap it produces Chlorine gas you know the nerve gas they used in WWI”

I hate people that think it is ever okay to get into a physical fight these are the same type of people that claim that everyone has a limit on their self control where they will fight. I can be very argumentative and stubborn but I haven’t hit anyone in about 37 years that I can remember. (Sorry Diana – little brothers can be mean, but we do grow up) Here are a few expressions I have heard “fighting is the way of the world” “if your gonna give someone the finger you better be prepared to back it up with your fists” and my favourite “he had it coming to him.” If fighting is the way of the world I want off. If I tried to beat the crap out of everyone that gave me the finger I would have a criminal record a mile long, and as for those that say he “had it coming to him” just maybe that him is you in someone else’s eyes.

I feel better now !


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