Good bye to the Pat Buchanan’s of America (We Hope)

Times are a changing once again. Hopefully we have lived through the worst of the fundamentalist invasion of politics. The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, is reporting a degree of disillusionment among Americans with the role the Church is playing in politics.



One thought on “Good bye to the Pat Buchanan’s of America (We Hope)

  1. I’ve already expressed my opinion of Mr. Buchanan so shall not repeat it here.

    My view is that one’s beliefs play a part in all that she/he does in life, including politics, but that one never has the duty – or right – to impose one’s views on another – either by means of law or duress. “Let your light so shine…..” does not mean for one to aim a million candlepower searchlight beacon when the flickering flame of a candle will do just as well.

    We as Christians need to earn the right to influence others, not browbeat them into some type of “consensus”.

    There is another principle here, though, that is sometimes forgotten or ignored. Others do NOT have the right to prevent one from living his/her beliefs. And I have seen a tendency for some to want to do just that in the interests of societal convenience.

    But that just might be me. Cheers

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