Lannigan OOPS

People seem to have latched on to the Darlene Lannigan (CTV) racist faux pas, and are making more of than is needed. Lannigan is just another closet racist in the conservative camp.

Personally I expect this sort of racism in those right of centre because all too often the right thinks of the individual as representing the group. They think if you seen one drunken Indian you have seen them all. This is highly unusual because the right tends to support the rights of the individual over the rights of society. But I guess this does not apply to our first nation citizens?


2 thoughts on “Lannigan OOPS

  1. On my blog, I commented that the Conservative Cabinet ministers aren’t very impressive. Now it seems to be worse than that: between “death by a thousand cold cuts” and now this drunken Indian stereotype, the Conservative ministers are showing that they’re not fit for office.

    It’s a shame that Stephane Dion has turned out to be such a weak leader, because I’d really like to see the Conservatives put out to pasture.

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