Just Do It


3 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I originally saw another Conservative minority with the NDP gaining on the liberals the Bloc losing seats to the liberal and the green party getting one more seat for a grand total of 2, BUT things have changed.

    Some not too brilliant Liberals have believed the conservative rhetoric and are saying we may have a problem, this is suicide in a political campaign.

    It looks like the conservative may get the majority they are looking for, and the Liberals my slip as the NDP pushs upwards and the Bloc will be shown as the impotent soon to be gone party they are.

    As for your election, I’m not following it too much, but from an non-Amercan press point of view it looks like OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA, or that seems to be all the chanting we are hearing across the fence.

  2. Good luck, then, with yours. Ours is going to be historic, to say the least, but imo its too close to call right now. The polls have almost always been too far off at this stage to be much help.

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