Who’s afraid of Sarah Palin?

I can’t stand governor Palin based on her stance on birth control her abuse of position and the sole fact that she is a republican, but as for the fact that her daughter is pregnant, so what. That said the Republican call for the press to dial back on the issue is dumb, did they call for the press to dial back on the lies that Obama was a Muslim? What is laughable is how people are reacting to the issue. The backbiting and the delusional statements that have arisen are hilarious. One person commented on CTV’s article on the Democratic response to Palin as a tactic of desperation, he said: GC “The Democrats are running scared…they have no way to fight the Republicans other than by smearing their candidates.” Just for GC’s sake here is the reason the Democrats really don’t have much to be afraid of. (before you spout off like a deluded raving right wingnut, you should know your stuff.)

Election 2008 National Head-to-Head Polls

General Election: McCain vs. Obama

Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread
RCP Average 08/29 – 09/02 48.8 43.0 Obama +5.8
Gallup Tracking 08/31 – 09/02 2767 RV 49 43 Obama +6
Rasmussen Tracking 08/31 – 09/02 3000 LV 50 45 Obama +5
Hotline/FD 08/29 – 08/31 805 RV 48 39 Obama +9
CNN 08/29 – 08/31 927 RV 49 48 Obama +1
CBS News 08/29 – 08/31 781 RV 48 40 Obama +8

© RealClearPolitics 2008


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