Blogging Proves The McLuhan Equation (Epiphany thanks to Nebcanuck)


          Marshall McLuhan

In a recent Blog posting on [A]mazed and [Be]muse nebcanuck highlighted the influence of Blogging on the news or at least how people experience the news.

He Writes:

Let’s face it. Although we can fault some people for being too close-minded to the idea of blogging, something really has been lost. I’ve grown up in an era where rapid-fire internet journalism has become the norm. I’m really too young to understand the world of investigative journalism that was once flourishing in North America.

He is entirely correct not just Blogging but the internet as a whole has changed the news-media.

NebCanuck’s article highlighted how not only the medium but the message has changed.  As Marshall McLuhan, wrote in Understanding Media, “the medium is the message” which became known as the McLuhan Equation. The best interpretation of this is by Mark Federman Chief Strategist at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology he states:

“Whenever we create a new innovation – be it an invention or a new idea – many of its properties are fairly obvious to us. We generally know what it will nominally do, or at least what it is intended to do, and what it might replace. We often know what its advantages and disadvantages might be. But it is also often the case that, after a long period of time and experience with the new innovation, we look backward and realize that there were some effects of which we were entirely unaware at the outset. We sometimes call these effects “unintended consequences,” although “unanticipated consequences” might be a more accurate description. . . . McLuhan tells us that a “message” is, “the change of scale or pace or pattern” that a new invention or innovation “introduces into human affairs.”

Blogging as nebcanuck’s article seems to highlight albeit unitentionally is a good example of this equation at work


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