The selfish Society


One of my personal bitches is that society is getting more and more selfish. We fight with selfish people every morning on the highways in to work. If you are waiting to merge into a road way no one (except fools like me) will let you in. If you let one person in a whole stream of them will try to follow. When you are in line at the bank people will cut in and say sorry but I am in a hurry. If you play a recreational game of soccer there is always some looser that will try to act as the star player. If your kid gets bullied at school the other parent will insist that your child should just learn how to stick up for himself. At work you have the social climbers that will take credit for your work, because they did 2 pages of a 30 page report mostly done by you. Etc…. All this is because people think about themselves first. People think, I might not get to drink that cup of coffee before work if I’m not first in line, I have to look good on the soccer field, I am more important than my co-workers etc… The urge to succeed or beat that record or write that great novel is fine, but do it for a good reason. If you want to succeed you can do it for your self but not selfishly at the expense of others don’t do it because you want to be better than everyone else, but the best you can be. You should desire to be a better person not the better person and if you do succeed remember all those that helped you get there. To be better than you were yesterday should be your goal. If you are in a competitive job or position remember if there were no others there to compete against you wouldn’t become what you have become. If someone helps you write that report, or if your design is chosen over some one else’s take time to say thank you or at least say if I wasn’t competing against you I wouldn’t have to have tried so hard, you made me better.

The worst example of this selfishness and the best of selflessness can be seen in sports. The Olympic movement encourages athletes to work as teams to strive to push themselves farther and has always supported the idea of sportsmanship and fair play. However, at this years Olympics Husain Bolt beat his chest before he finished the race and yelled into the camera “I am the number one” and didn’t congratulate or even say “good race” to his competitors. This is selfishness and Jacque Rogge of the IOC commented on it stirring up a storm of complaints that Rogge was being in appropriate.

Those that seem to support this self centred I’m number one and you’re a looser attitude are the ones in the wrong. If Bolt can’t congratulate his fellow athletes he needs to Grow up as Rogge said. Rogge was doing his job and promoting a selfless and respectful Olympic spirit.

If you can’t thank those who helped you or who you competed against you are the true looser.


2 thoughts on “The selfish Society

  1. When you are in line at the bank people will cut in and say sorry but I am in a hurry.

    I usually make a stink about this. Cut in front of me and I’ll confront you and ask you to prove that your time is more important than mine.

  2. I find acting like I am insane seems to drive away the most ignorant persons.

    Cut in front of me and I’m likely to walk around you stare at you within 2 inches and yell BOOOO.

    For some reason arguing with impatient or ignorant Canadians is only marginal useful. Our Ignorant types are a stubborn lot.

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