Good Bye Bob

I used to live in a small community in Southern Ontario called Angus. For the most part it is a bedroom community for Canadian Forces Base Borden. Many people come and go but there are some diehards that stay and work at making Angus more of a community than a place to camp out while you are stationed at CFB Borden.

Angus has bred many unique characters one of which was Bob Houghton, Bob was a Scout leader for many years and I was lucky enough to work with him as the Liaison officer from the Angus Lions Club to the Angus Scouts. Bob like many Scout leaders became an unofficial foster parent for many youth. He and his wife took in many teens over the years when they had nowhere else to turn. Like many Scouters the Houghton’s took on the role with both physical and mental stamina. As a Scouter you are a more than a role model you are a part of the lives of the youth you work with, they often become part of your extended family, and in Bob’s case immediate family.

Unfortunately being away from Angus for about 10 years I only get the occasional news from back home, and the news of Bob’s death came to me rather late.

ROBERT ALLAN HOUGHTON (December 27, 2007)
Robert Houghton of Angus, passed away peacefully at Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie on Wednesday December 26, 2007 in his 62nd year.
Beloved Husband of Madeline..
Loving Father of Allan(Jennifer)and Suzanne(Eric)all of Angus.
As well as many others whom he opened his door to over the years.
Cherished Grandfather of Cailey, Cassidy, Julia, Jakob, Graysen, Hunter and Riley.
Dear Brother of Edith Barriault(Joseph), Barbara Willis(Don) and Joan Curtis(Gary).
Predeceased by his Parents Helen and Allan Houghton, and one brother William.
Bob will be sadly missed by his many relatives and friends.


6 thoughts on “Good Bye Bob

  1. I just wanted to leave a note in regards to this article, I wanted to say thank you for posting this I was one of those teens that they took in, and even before I married his son, he treated me like his kid. We just celebrated what would have been his 63rd birthday and coming across this was bittersweet…. Thank you…

  2. Jennifer – Your most welcome. Writing this short Eulogy was Important to me, as the life of special people should be not pass unrecognized your Father-In-Law was a great guy.

  3. billarends,

    I am Bobs Daughter.. we may have crossed paths in the past and I hope we have. My sister in law found your posting and called me as soon as I got home. I have to say that as Bobs daughter, my dad was my hero.. He supported many of my friends from troubled homes.. I only hope that I can be half the greatness of my dad. To watch him interact with kids/teens that had no one else or that had given up on it all and see them turn there lives around and become great themselves was amazing.. I was in awe of my dad’s big heart and understanding for perfect strangers.. he never seemed to judge anyone and would give his last breath to help anyone.

    As Jennifer had mentioned my family and I (7 grandkids, wife, son, son in law, daughter and daughter in law) celebrated his 63rd birthday.. we all wrote personal messages of his greatness and sent them to heaven for him..

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words about my dad.. he is greatly missed and his support and advice is still needed on a daily basis. But we are doing our best to keep his memory alive and coming across this was one of those blessings.

    Thank you

  4. Suzie – We may have crossed paths but unfortunately I can’t remember it I believe I was only at your parent’s place a couple of times for group committee meetings, the Lions quickly replaced me as Liaison to the Scouts, because I was only an associate member of the club (stupid rules). Your father and I talked about scouts outside of the Sponsor to Group roles, and what impressed me was that not only did he believe in Scouting but he believed in the kids he had worked with. Keeping Bob’s memory alive is a task easier than you might think because the good that people do, often sustains their memory in the lives they impacted. I’m not sure I would have taken on the role of Akela of the 150th Sandyhill (Ottawa) Cubs if I had not been impressed by your father’s commitment to scouting. I am no longer as involved in Scouting as I was but I am still a scouter with the 63rd Ottawa Cub group. It is people like Bob that make Scouting what it is. That said being a good scouter did not make your father a good man, being a good man made your father a good scouter.

  5. I am this granddaughter.Thank you for making this I found it
    Trying to find a picture of him and I
    Read through this and I was crying.
    I miss him and I don’t have many
    Memories of him.But I am glad to know he was a good person.Sometimes it feel like he is beside me it columns me thinking of him and all the great things he did.

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