Who is Biassed? And Why is This News?

Here’s your daily laugh 580 CFRA, News talk radio is the only news source that is posting online on the issue of The questioning of justice David Corbett’s so called bias by Don Hutchinson . Hutchinson was quoted by CFRA as saying to a Gay pride group that ” most gay rights battles, in his view, had been ‘won’.”
CFRA quotes Hutchinson as saying “Mr. Justice Corbett, like any Superior Court justice, is free to comment on issues of public policy, however, it would fall to him should a case dealing with this type of subject matter come before his court to recuse himself from hearing the case as he’s demonstrated that he’s no longer impartial on this issue.”
CFRA likes to think of itself as a non-biassed source but, given that it is using Hutchinson as a source who is general legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and CFRA employs Lowell Green as a host for one of it’s shows, just how non-biassed are they?

That said, Corbett was known to have a record of supporting equality rights when he was appointed, he was supporting equality not pro-gay sentiments and besides, What he was saying wasn’t a biassed or supportive point but a statement of fact, Gay rights have become intrenched in our society the battles have been won.


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