Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: or Why Not to Become a Model

The other day I was watching a reality show entitled the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, on the Oxygen Network.

Why? Well some times I do really stupid things. It is an hour of my life that I really want back. I could have done something far more edifying, like shave my back , or compare the odor of my running shoes, anything but watch this thing. Oh well as I said earlier, sometimes I do stupid things.

In the episode I watched this botox injected (oh those ugly lips – which only look right forced into a smile which she rarely does) arrogant and ignorant woman that runs the agency, (Janice) and attempts to make you think that she has a brain and is some kind of modelling genius. That is the whole idea behind the show. IT FAILS.

Janice is a caricature of all that is wrong with modeling today. She makes rude comments about the model’s fat (WHAT FAT) she bullies her models and clients and thinks that because she is the modeling diva she can get away with it. What the heck was someone thinking when they put a camera in front of this clown. Well then clowns can be entertaining. I apologize to clowns.

Here is my biggest problem. In this episode she recruits a model from a restaurant and tries to make her into a model. In my books she corrupts her. Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those Christians that sees the devil in people I think the devil tends to let us screw ourselves up because we do it so well. Much as I hate Janice she is no Devil. If there is a Devil out there he/she is much smarter. One exercise she has her models do is to pose nude for a seniors painting class. Personally I don’t have a problem with nude modeling, total or partial, what I do have a problem with is that Janice threatens to fire two of her models for refusing to go totally nude.

These two models are members of Model4Jesus and they with some fellow models4jesus talk to Janice who tells them all if you are a model you have to pose nude it is a please the client industry. If you don’t pose naked “you are not a model.” She puts this dull-witted look on her face and says “I don’t get what is with these models and nudity.” She says “you do what the client wants.” Okay so what does that mean? You have to have no values as a model? The one male model says it would be an insult to his family, and Janice laughs at him. This means that there is very little difference between Ms Janice and a Madam or Pimp. She farms out beautiful people to clients that can request them to do whatever they want and the models can’t say NO how is this not, prostitution albeit on a lesser scale. They get nude but don’t screw the client, so Janice isn’t even a good madam.

The episode progresses and the ex-waitress, who objected to nudity, is coerced into doing a nude and highly erotic photo-shoot which Janice thinks is a triumph for the girl. I think that the poor woman has compromised her values for money and to a large extent it is Janice’s fault.

In the next episode of this dumb show Janice’s client asks her to participate in the shoot and Janice gets all snippy and mad as she claims not to be a model anymore why would someone want to look at an “OLD” person in a bathing suit. So far Janice has insulted anyone overweight and anyone with moral issues related to nudity and called anyone old, ugly. But the coup de gras is, she exposes herself as a hypocrite because she refuses to “do what the client wants” if it involves her. She has to be coerced into modelling, what happened to the idea you do what the client wants? Okay so now I have vented and wasted more of my time on Janice Dickinson, but I feel better for the exercise.


2 thoughts on “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: or Why Not to Become a Model

  1. Another Good note while I don’t entirely endorse this group (basically I don’t know enough about them) I do support their concept that if your morals or religion say you should not pose naked you should not be bared from the modeling industry. On One episode of Ms Dickinson’s lame show the organization Model4Jesus represented one of the models that did not want to pose naked since then encouraged by stubbornness (the good kind) more than success Model4Jesus has started a national awareness campaign called “You Don’t Have To.” It encourages models with Christian values to “stay strong in an industry that constantly offers you the world for your surrender. ” so in retrospect we have conscience winning over money. Sorry Janice You lose!!!

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