Daughter of Quebec Florida or Las Vegas

Celine Dion’s manager-husband Rene Angelil, was so upset that Paul McCartney got a bigger venue to perform at Quebec City’s 400th anniversary, that he basically forced organizers to expand the capacity of his wife’s venue to accommodate another 100,000 spectators.
I recognize that Celine is an important figure to some Quebec fans but lets get real, She hasn’t really lived in Quebec for many years unless the province has somehow annexed Las Vegas or Miami. She does not have the history in music that Paul McCartney has unless you have some Idea that the Beatles really didn’t affect rock music. I realize that she should have a greater role in the celebration as she is of French Canadian origin, but of greater importance than Paul McCartney. If she had a commitment to the province she would spend more time living there, and if she isn’t that committed to the province why should she get any preferential treatment this is simply Diva behaviour.
Celine in recent years has been more the brut of Jokes about neocrooners than the lauds of fans. If she wants to prove to Quebec fans she is deserving of their praise she should wrap herself in the Provincial flag, spend more time in the province and less time singing to geriatric Americans in tacky casinos in Las Vegas or sunning herself in Florida.

2 thoughts on “Daughter of Quebec Florida or Las Vegas

  1. The organizers of the 400th anniversary activities decided to give out 100,000 tickets for Celine’s “free” concert. A ticket would therefore be required to get in. This upset a lot of fans who had already made hotel reservations in Quebec City to see Celine. Rene Angelil got after them to fix it and their solution was to add space for another 100,000 fans without tickets. Perhaps Mr Angelil was upset that Sir Paul was getting a bigger venue, but in providing general admission for another 100,ooo the result has at least partly fixed the organizers’ original gaffe.

  2. The fact that the concert would require a ticket should have been better advertised. Thanks Gerry that sheds a new light it is interesting how the CTV article spun the story. That said I sitll think Celine is overblown and plays on the Quebec girl image.

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