Tory Attack Ads

The Conservatives have started a campaign claiming that the proposed Liberal tax on Carbon emissions is “Dion’s Tax on Everything. I usually ignore ads of this sort all parties run them before an election and most intelligent people know they are bogus scare tactics.

This one more so than most, but really who acres. Just one thing though some of the ads were to run at gas stations in southern Ontario, but Fuelcast, the company that operates the pump-side advertising network, said Monday it won’t run the ads.

Once again the Conservatives have spun the rumours around that they will sue Fuelcast for breach of contract. If I were Fuelcast I would publish the ads with a foot high byline that read “Fuelcast does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the claims mentioned above” thus fulfilling their contract and protecting their right not to be associated with fictitious claims.


2 thoughts on “Tory Attack Ads

  1. Aren’t those the chintziest looking ads you’ve ever seen? It looks like something you’d see on the cover of a supermarket tabloid.

    I came across some university-aged people handing out the ads downtown. It’s sad to see young adults who are willing to be party to this dreck — presumably for a minimum-wage summer job.

  2. I just heard the radio add which trys to sound like a radio talk show with people bitching about the new liberal tax .

    The yellow shirted tweens were on the hill the other day handing out post cards against the proposed tax. I think the difference is that when David Suzuki preaches “It’s Your Future” these young conservatives don’t believe they are included because they want to be the ones running the factories that are belching the smoke or owners of the nuke plants etc…. Hey its not our future we are going to buy our environment through exploitation.

    SO these are just the types that will be on the hook for the carbon tax, thus they get what they deserve.

    My God I’m bitter this morning I think I need coffee…….

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