Idiots to the Right Idoits to the Left

Warning this is a rant (AKA emotionally charged opinion)

How do you know the difference between disagreeing because you believe something is wrong and disagreeing because you don’t like the person or party that is talking?

On many news media websites the site allows you to comment on the article. Many of these comments are simply tirades against the media or the right or left sides of the political perspective.

Which is fine, but when you are disagreeing because you don’t like the source of the material then you are simply being a blow hard.

Today there was a posting on CTV about a simple gaffe made by a spokesperson from the Harper Government. The spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper noted that “Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had just issued a statement saying Italy would remove the caveat that restricts what their soldiers can do in Afghanistan,“ which was not the case he had said he was going to do so. The Spokesperson quickly rectified the situation, but not before some media published the mistake. A dumb mistake but nonetheless a mistake.

The critics in the comments section quickly jumped on this some as to how bad the government was for making this mistake and some for how bad it was that the media reported on the mistake. Idiots on the right blame the media for not checking the fact that Berlusconi had actually said it, and idiots on the left criticised the government for releasing a dinner time conversation inaccurately.

Here is my opinion on the matter, and you can call me the idiot in the middle if you like. It was a dumb mistake. Big hairy stupid deal ! Obviously the spokesperson screwed up, but it happens, this is no signed that the harper Government is hopelessly incompetent we know this by their policies not their gaffes. Also why the hell would the media need to verify a source when it comes directly from the press office of the Prime Minister.

To me this was a Big SO WHAT ! Now can we go back to concentrating our efforts on fighting the incompetent policies of this government.

Jumping on minutia like this makes us look as dumb as the conservatives.


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