A Auestion Ignored

Many people have said it, in the media and out of the media, other parties have noticed it and the media has felt the burden. The current Government of Canada has closed the door to the media on many occasions. They want to control the flow of information out the door as to not be misinterpreted, but when does this control limit the openness and transparency that the Conservatives promised? Well the answer is it has from day one.

If you preach openness and transparency and control the flow of info to the media then you are a liar. To be truly open you want everyone in the choir singing the same song, and that song to be song from every street corner. The problem is that the conservative government seems to think that only one or two voices virtuoso soloists are capable of singing for the government. The problem with this is when those soloists screw up the whole audience hears it. In a chorus if one voice is flat then most people won’t notice it. If the conservatives are tired of being singled out for mistakes maybe Harper should take the muzzle off of his government. The problem is in doing so we may find out that his government is something we don’t want. Democracy needs many voices without it we have a soloist often called a dictator is this what we want?


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