Facebook Freaking

The Unreallty of Facebook, and some of the people that use it, makes me laugh and cringe.

I have had a few odd people (you know who you are) send me emails on the way I use or don’t use Facebook. To this point I have ignored your comments, because I’ve respected the fact that to you Facebook is an important means of social interaction. I can respect that. If you are inclined to communicate via a virtual reality that is your prerogative. I know there are many people who use Facebook all the time like my Brother-in-law and my Brother-in-laws brother (I guess this makes him a Brother-in-law once removed). That said, both these guys have a life outside Facebook, though I often wonder about how they find time, and they don’t get twisted out of shape if you pass on the invitations they send. My Brother-in-laws Brother who I really only know via Facebook has suggested we get together for drinks/coffee next time I am up, which is cool and I might just do. So Facebook to him is only one element of social interaction. Facebook is socially healthy if mixed with other real world social interaction. It is a fun way to interact with people at a distance.

That said there are those that don’t do anything more than facebook. They spend hours on it and have created complex social rules, which God help you if you break. In the real world we choose to participate in activities we like, we also know our limitations and don’t participate in what we find beyond our capacity. These sort of rules differ from those in Facebook. For example there was a Facebook app that someone passed on to me, it was a game that required Video capacity. I joined this game and found that my video capacity on my computer did not work so I left a note to the other participants saying sorry I can’t continue as my computer is not fast enough. If I was playing soccer and I told my team I had to drop out because my knee gave out or I was sick, no one would object I’m sure, but this is not the case in Facebook. I got the following note from one participant in the game;

“Thanks ASSHOLE now none of us can finish this game”

Okay let’s give people the benefit of the doubt there is bound to be one idiot in a crowd, and I am not going to get bent out of shape over this guys comment, but Facebook seems to be spawning this sort of nonsense. I have this one person that sent me hundreds of invitations a week (not anymore thank God) and occasionally I accept an invitation from Him/her no big deal as far as I am concerned. The other day I get a note that says;

“if you do not plan to participate in Facebook why do you have a Facebook page”

Also I like some of the apps that allow you to compete with others or share your interests or take quizzes etc.. but then there are these weird apps that allow you to rank your friends or buy and sell them or apply derogatory names to them. These apps to me are borderline bullying apps so I generally ignore them. I have best friends and mediocre friends and associates as all do, but the last thing I want anyone to think is that they don’t matter to me. Imagine being the last person on everyone’s friend ranking, how would you feel. If someone posted a ranked list of their friends on their locker at school The first thing I would think is what a elitist Ass that person was.

So in conclusion those of you that are Facebook Nazi’s Bullies addicts, GROW UP it’s a toy, a game, a pass time it is many things but not real life. For all we know like Myspace or BBS’s this means of electronic social interaction could be gone in a couple years, it is not that important to get angry about. I am not angry at those persons I mentioned above, I just find them annoying. They make me furrow my brow and think Hmmm another Facebook nutjob. If you are angry enough to send hate mail, to Facebook users you really need to see a Mental Health professional of some kind.


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