Something Here Smells So Bad it Would Send Skunks Running

Recently there has been a great deal of Blog Action and news on the Brenda Martin Case while I do not like the Mexican form of justice (or Lack of) I think this issue may come back and politically bight us in the backside.

The more I read about the case the more it stinks What I know of con-men/women is they tend to travel in groups and these groups are really good at self preservation. I think there is more to Ms Martin than meets the eye, and although there may be little or no proof that she is guilty but this does not mean that she is innocent. What most people do not know is that there is a considerable amount of missing money and the Mexican government may just be waiting out Ms Martin to see if she knows where this cash is and will use it to leverage leniency as she did when she turned in another of the member of the group to authorities.

If you want to read some of this from an insiders view slide on over to Roger Harrison’s website and your image of Ms Martin may change somewhat.


It seems that a number of Canadian’s share my concerns as I recently posted some comment’s on the CBC website, what is interesting is that out of 308 comments mine were in the top ten most recommended and the first one I posted was the #1 recommended post.

That said the media is flaunting Ms Martin as the innocent victim, my concern is that they might be in for a whole heap of embarrassment when Ms Martin’s act comes crumbling down.

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BillArends wrote:

Posted 2008/04/22

Normally I am on the side of the accused, when it comes to Mexican justice, but something here smells so bad it would send skunks running.

She looks like she is acting and to be honest she is not good at it.

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BillArends wrote:Posted 2008/04/22

Here is an interesting piece of news. According to Roger Harrison a novelist who spent time with Alyn Waage and this crew of Miscreants none of them are all that innocent while Brenda Martin was little more than a cook according to Harrison who supports her as innocent, he has a few interesting things to say about her.

“Rebecca Roth is also serving time in the same jail as Brenda. Rebecca worked for Alyn as well. Brenda was arrested in February of ’06, Rebecca in March. According to Rebecca’s sister, Brenda gave Rebecca up in exchange for leniency.” (

I suspect that Ms Martin will do most of anything to avoid prison. Like I said before this whole situation stinks and any political party that wades into this sewage is going to come off smelling

like it.


4 thoughts on “Something Here Smells So Bad it Would Send Skunks Running

  1. It doesn’t really matter what kind of person Brenda Martin is, if she’s innocent, she’s innocent. Canada should not be picking and choosing what kind of people it’s willing to defend. It’s enough to know her citizens are in trouble in a foreign land.

    If in our system, the innocent are innocent and we don’t analyse their personalities, then the same ought to hold true for when our citizens are in trouble elsewhere.

    How bad Canada is at doing this was brought home to me when I read a small news item about an American teen who had killed a person in a motor crash here, and the American consulate sent someone to be with her during the initial and entire court process. He wasn’t there to tell the judge to let her off, but to ensure she understood what was going on and for her to know her country was with her. It didn’t matter what kind of person she was. Canada doesn’t do that for her citizens, and even worse they tried to justify their inaction for Brenda by tarnishing her. Whether true or not, that’s infantile for a government to do to a citizen.

    It’s pretty obvious that Brenda is stupid and has some serious issues because any normal person who saw their boss being arrested would get the hell out of Dodge. She didn’t. Still, that doesn’t mean she deserves to be treated poorly. I’m actually kind of surprised at you. I thought that as a Christian, you would show more compassion to her. After all, part of the mission is to help the alcoholic, the ones in the gutter, the unloved and unwanted, even the obviously guilty. Maybe I misread what you were saying…

  2. I think you missed my point I don’t for a momment believe that Ms Martin is innocent.

    I don’t remotely see her as “in the gutter, the unloved and unwanted.”

    My impression of her is a member of a gang of Cons. I do not think she has stopped running the con. I think she believes she can con herself out of prison.

    Before she began running this con that she is the inocent suicidal woman , she was barganing for her freedom with the lives of he fellow con people.

    Yes a Christian I believe in compassion but how compassionate is it to allow someone to keep using others as I believe Ms Martin is doing.

    I strongly suspect that the Mexican system came to a just ruling.

  3. The one point that really bothers me is that “Brenda was arrested in February of ‘06, Rebecca in March. According to Rebecca’s sister, Brenda gave Rebecca up in exchange for leniency.” That was not an act of compassion.

  4. The crime Ms Martin was convicted of is Money Laundering. Which is an attempt to obscure the source of funds, and the specific type of Money Laundering involved here is called Integration, which refers to the return of funds to the legitimate economy for later extraction.

    Ms Martin was paid a severance for being fired, and later returned the money by way of investment to her former employer.

    This looks for all the world like a classic example of Integration.

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