Ode to the High and Mighty TAXPAYER

Taxpayer is a pseudonym we see all the time in Blogsphere.

The terms usually precedes unrelenting right-wing conservatism. The moment I read the name I skip over the message as it is not worth reading. Why because the underlying assumption is that the author assumes some kind of authority over government. He is not just a voter this guy thinks he is owed something because he has payed his nickle. Those I know that actually pay heavy taxes over $50.000.00 generally don’t use the term taxpayer to describe themselves, their individuality is greater than a lowly taxpayer. Anyone that pays under this amount is actually contributing so little that if he or she dropped off the planet the government would not care. As for the taxpayers control over government well that is very marginal the only real control is their vote. The self proclaimed Taxpayer often argues “well we’ll just stop paying taxes to this corrupt government” Okay just try it and see how long it is before you get to appreciate your tax dollars at work from inside a federal institution.

Tax is not a gift to the state you HAVE to pay tax, it is not paying for services those services actually cost more than you pay in taxes. There is nothing special about being a Taxpayer we are all more or less taxpayers and if we aren’t we are likely poor or criminals. Most just governments do not take taxes from the poor (which many so called Taxpayers lament to thier shame) To call someone that can pay taxes, but refuses to pay taxes, a criminal is accurate. The government says it’s a crime not to pay taxes, heck Jesus even said pay your taxes “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”

So Mr Taxpayer what makes you think you’re so freakin special?

Signed a VOTER


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